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Transcript of covert police recording of conversation between Kevin Lynch and one of his St Paul’s victims, tendered to the Child Abuse Royal Commission, Case Study 34

In early 1996 the serial pedophile Kevin Lynch was recorded on a police monitored wire saying the words above to one of the multitude of victims of his depraved sexual desires.

‘I’m very personally connected with the Assistant Commissioner of Police’ he told the young boy, and went on to describe how his friend the second top cop could fix cases at his (Lynch’s) behest.

Despite these words being recorded, heard and transcribed by the Queensland Police Officers who engineered the sting on Lynch, no inquiries were ever made to determine who exactly Lynch was referring to when he talked about his mate the 2nd most senior police officer in the Pineapple Land.

No journalist has ever dug deep enough to find out. Or at least, until now.

But Archie Butterfly has a f*cking big shovel, and because I’m a child victim of pedophile rape – and therefore so broken inside that I don’t give a f*ck for consequences – I’m not afraid to wield it in order to uncover the filth and dirt buried underneath Queensland’s odious, poisonous dung heap.

Kevin Lynch’s copper mate was a man named Greg Early.

The one-time assistant to the deeply corrupt pedophile turned shoplifter, the former Police Commissioner Frank Bischof.

The ‘trusted’ deputy to the hapless Police Commissioner Ray Whitrod, and almost certainly the insider who sold him out.

The personal assistant to the the criminal Commissioner Terry Lewis, and the man who is alleged to have been a central figure in the disappearance of Lewis’ suspected stash of ‘behind the glass’ photos of prominent men abusing young boys.

The man who was controversially appointed to the role of Assistant Commissioner by Premier Robert Borbidge – one of the men rumoured to have been photographed behind the glass – shortly after his election to Queensland’s top job.

Gregory Lance Early.

The next-door neighbor of Kevin Lynch for decades.

A shorthand expert.


Guess which other bloke was a renowned shorthand expert in an era where only sheila’s were believed to know shorthand?

Clarence Henry Osborne-Howard.

Clarrie Osborne.


A court reporter.

The greatest individual pedophile Australia has ever known.


I don’t believe it for a second, and nor should you.

Osborne didn’t measure the penis sizes, meticulously record the details, photograph and f*ck 2500 boys in 20 years.

No way on God’s earth. It wasn’t physically possible, not while he was holding down a full-time job and involved in a number of after-hours community service activities.

He recorded some of the details, for sure. But one or more others helped him. Others with an eye for detail, a bent for meticulous record keeping, and a rare ability to write things down quickly.

Take a wild guess who that might have been?

The bloke sitting at a table with the current Police Commissioner. The fella on the far left. The man who lived next door to Kevin Lynch.

Gregory Lance Early.


Osborne didn’t take all the pictures, and he didn’t fiddle with all those young boys.

He was the record keeper. The archivist.

There were a ring of perverts abusing teenage boys and measuring the sizes of their dicks. It’s blindingly obvious when you apply even a modicum of simple logic to the known facts.

Who else do we know who had a penchant for applying a measuring tape to smooth young hairless penises?

Yep, that’s right.


Kevin John Lynch, the man caught on tape boasting about his high ranking police protector, the Assistant Commissioner.

Who was an Assistant Commissioner at the time the recording was made, and who lived next door to Kevin Lynch at the exact same time?

The Early bird gets the worm.

The goddamn motherf*cking scumbag germ.

One last question. Who was a well known young police officer with a penchant for pre-pubescent men, a talent for photography, and open access to the Commissioner’s office?

Here’s a clue. The same bloke to this day operates a Video to DVD copy business, just up the road from Geebung, and got busted a few years ago in possession of a video featuring pornographic images of young boys spliced with recordings of adult males jerking off, but despite his criminal record and his prison history the man received a mere suspended sentence. How did that happen do you reckon?

This is the man. Add a constable in front of his first name and if you’re older than 40 you’ll recognise him immediately.


Can you possibly bloody believe it?

You have to.

Because it’s true.

Oh my Sweet Lord.

The lid has been finally opened on the vile can of worms that has been a hidden scourge on this State for decades, and the heavily weighted seal has been lifted by a wee little butterfly from Geebung.

Prepare the arrest warrants officers.

Just  make sure that it is not my name by accident written upon them, with a brick attached to secure the loaded pile.

Please officers, do the right thing. Please. These despicable crimes have been hidden for far too long. The truth must now be told.