Check this out.

There is a tertiary college campus in NSW that is situated on 11 acres of lush, shady, wooded land 15 km from the Sydney CBD.

This College offers just one single, solitary degree.

These are the subjects that comprise this degree.


Liberal indeed, I am sure you will agree.

There are 27 academic and administrative staff employed by the college, and this does not include the army of cooks, cleaners, gardeners and grounds staff required to maintain such a large residential school and its property.

The College also has a further 25 international course advisors, a 10 person Board of Trustees, a 9 member Academic Board, and 6 Trustees of the College Foundation.

It employs its own chef, who serves its students three gourmet meals a day.

So what is the sum total of academics, admin staff, advisors, chefs, trustees, and board members employed at the outfit that offers a single degree ??


Yet the sum total of students attending the College is less than 100.

The Opus Dei members that run the College website won’t tell you this. They say that the student numbers are not known – their ancient abacus must be in for repair – but that the College’s student numbers are capped at 400.


Well may they be, but the real numbers are less than a quarter of that figure, for in 2015 a mere 25 students graduated with the one and only degree that the college offers. They were replaced in 2016 by 31 new students entering the extremely well-appointed ‘academic’ institution. The duration of the College’s solitary degree is 3 years.

Do the maths. There can be no more than about 90 students attending the College.

These 90 odd students pay about $16 000 a year for the privilege of extending their minds and broadening the love for fellow humans that rests somewhere deep inside their soul. If they are enrolled on a full-time basis that is, but let’s pretend that they all are.

This means that the income from tuition fees derived by the College is about $1.5 million a year. In relative terms it is an absolute pittance, and would barely pay the power bills and the cost of upkeep of the joint. The actual expenses of the College would have to be at least $10 million a year, when you add up the staff salaries and on-costs, overheads, property maintenance, rates, materials, legals, etc, etc.

So who pays the rest of the missing millions required each year to keep the College in operation? That’s a very good question. But the only answer that I can offer you is this.

Who knows? The College won’t say.

But here’s a clue.


The college’s name?

Campion College.

The college’s mission?

To indoctrinate young Catholics and send them out into the world and into the leading professions, in order that they may one day hold positions of power from which they can overtly and covertly change the world, or – more correctly – to prevent any change that might reshape the world from the way they wish it to be.

It is not a new strategy. In fact it is one that is at least eight decades old, but has been lying dormant in hiatus for the past half a century, and as a result most folk know neither its name not its architect.

So let me enlighten you.

It’s name is The Movement, and its author a man named BA Santamaria.


The movement was once upon a time confined within the walls of the ALP, and there to an influential degree it remains, but the poisoned phoenix has spread its wings and its primary nest now rests in the Liberal/National party tree.

And the gamekeeper turned poacher who protects the nest is a man named Tony, who once was a rabid member of the DLP, but says that he left that flock years ago.

Of course when he said it Tony John Abbott was lying through his f*cking teeth.

Opus Dei.

The work of God.

The Catholic God.

Baby, they’re back!