The good folk pictured below are the Foundation Directors of the College that offers a singular but saintly degree in Catholicism.


The good folk and firms pictured below are the Executive Committee members, patrons and sponsors of the now deceased fascist Pope John Paul the Second’s ‘Australian Leaders Forum’, aka the conference on how to turn back the clock and the calendar half a century and reintroduce the compulsory eating of fish on Fridays.

Do you notice any similarities? I do.



So far, so Catholic.

Big deal, they are all mad.

And then a chill runs through your bones.

Because some of them are not just mad.

Some of them are protectors of pedophiles.



In fact, more than some of them are.

A whole lot of them are.


I will leave you to form your own judgments about what this all means.

But I will ask you one simple question.

Would you leave your children alone with these people?