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This is the funeral notice of Racing Minister Grace Grace’s mother.

The lads that the Minister’s Mum was the loving sister of – the boys named Tony and Gerry – are the well known Brisbane gangsters Antonio and Geraldo Bellino.


In 1991 Mrs Farfaglia’s nephew – her brother Tony’s son Vincent, the cousin of the Racing Minister – was jailed for eight years for trafficking commercial quantities of heroin and ecstasy. Grace’s cousin’s sentence was later reduced to 6 years on appeal.


Think that’s a worry? What about this?

On the 7th of March 2008, about 6 months after the now Racing Minister had been shoehorned into parliament following the retirement of Peter Beattie, her cousin Todd Filippa – another son of Uncle Tony, who had changed his name from Bellino in a clearly failed attempt to avoid the heat of the police on the beat – was jailed for 13 and a half years for his role as the mastermind of a syndicate that trafficked millions of dollars of methyl amphetamine.

Ice baby. Ice, ice baby.


You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family, so I am not for a moment suggesting that Grace Grace has any involvement whatsoever in any criminal endeavour involving illegal narcotics.


But gee, for a bird who’s Dad was a laborer and Mum a housewife, she sure does have a nice house in the inner city doesn’t she?

Look at that maroon colored fence – it’s all hers.

gghouseddgrace reddddddssssss

Wow! $1.7 million bucks!

I didn’t realise that union officials earned that much money.

And to think, just 3 decades ago Ignazia ‘Grace’ Grace was just a simple stenographer.



Don’t we know someone else who used to be a stenographer? Two people in fact.


But I reckon Grace is just bloody good with her money.

And saved up hard while she and her parents were living with her uncle Gerry.

Yeah, that must be it.

How else could she have bought the other two houses too?

Some people are just born winners aren’t they?

grace red.jpg