There are 2 million punters in BrisVegas, and by geography it is one of the largest municipalities in the world, but the River City remains the smallest of small worlds, and the strange coincidences that constantly crop up are a mystery only to those who don’t live in and love the leopard of a city that never changes its spots.

Take this odd fact for instance, even though it’s just an oddity and apropos of nothing.

The last known people to see Barbara, Vicki and Leanne McCulkin alive were two little girls who lived in the house across the street, whose names were Janet and Juneen Gayton.

The little girls had only lived in the house at 7 Dorchester Street Highgate Hill for about 12 months since their parents decided to move back to Brisbane after a number of years living in Sydney’s inner-west, and hadn’t had the time to make a wide circle of friends, so when Juneen’s birthday rolled around  in early January while school was still in recess their parents invited the 2 little girls from across the road over to their house to celebrate the occasion and spend the evening playing together.

Leanne and Vicki McCulkin were the little girl’s names, and after they separately left the Gayton’s house on the evening of 16 January 1974 they were never seen again, or at least not by anyone who is prepared to admit a later sighting.

Juneen and Janet Gayton are all grown up now, they have married and adopted their husband’s names, and both have children. While Janet remains living in Brisbane, her little sister has moved to the tropics, and these days enjoys the warmth and the laid back lifestyle that the wonderful Queensland city of Cairns offers those lucky enough to live in its lovely surrounds.

But the mere tyranny of distance has not torpedoed the seven degrees of separation, for Juneen has a daughter named Stacey, who in another instance of irony works for the Queensland Police Service.

Stacey is married to a fella named Matthew (Matt) De Brenni.


Juneen Gayton (2nd from right) at her daughter’s wedding


The Beefcake at his brother’s wedding to Juneen’s daughter (2nd from right)

Matt’s brother is a bloke named Michael (Mick) De Brenni.

The Beefcake.

Queensland’s State Member for Springwood, and Minister for Housing and Public Works.

Juneen Gayton’s daughter is the sister-in-law of one of the most powerful politicians in the Pineapple Land.

You just wouldn’t read about it would you?

But now you just have.