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The Archbishop of Brisbane Phillip Aspinall is a sick, sick man.

A protector of pedophiles who deludes himself and others that he is actually a man of Christ and cares about kids.


Aspinall does not understand a single word that Jesus ever uttered.

Jesus was a good man.

A great man.

A prophet.

A messiah.

The way, the truth and the light.

My hero in life, and my guiding light.

This is what he said. It’s in Mathew, chapter 18 if you are interested.


The message delivered by the Son of God is pretty goddamn simple isn’t it?

Do not hurt children.

For if you do you are an absolute c*nt, and you’re going to hell.

It’s an unequivocal statement delivered my the man after whom the Christian religion is named. In fact, it’s the Gospel truth.

So then, let me introduce you to Lou Daniels – Lucifer – the very close friend of friend of Phillip Aspinall, who disciple of Jesus who revered this devil so much that he invited him to BrisVegas to sit in the house of God and pray with him as he was inaugurated as God’s prime ape representative in the Garden of Eden.


Lucifer had just been released from the tail end of the suspended portion of his prison sentence for raping young boys when he RSVP’d to his mate Phil’s invitation.

Had his mate Father Phil not provided the sentencing judge with a glowing – and absolutely disgraceful and deceitful – reference for his mate, the pervert Lucifer’s sentence would have been much, much longer.


That was all still yet to come.

First he had to attend the ceremony to celebrate his mate’s installation as the greatest liar and hypocrite in Vegas, and accept the gift of body, blood and life from the evil pervert who knew that he was abusing children, and for his exquisite pleasure encouraged them to dive into the devil’s bed.

Three years later God’s man Lucifer fell.

This time there was no reference from Aspinall. He was the Prime Ape of the Australian Church, and could no longer be seen to be supporting a serial pedophile within its ranks..

But as sure as Pope is a Catholic, and Phillip Aspinall is a c*nt, Brisbane’s now Archbishop was praying for his old mate pedo Lou.


I wonder though if Aspinall prayed for the victims of his friend’s abuse?

I wonder if he understands the impact rape has on young boys like us?

I wonder if he even cares?

Most of all, I wonder how Archbishop Aspinall sleeps at night. Soundly I guess, unlike we little boys who for decades have known no peace, and resort to drugs and alcohol and wanton sex and self abuse just so we can close our eyes and rest without Satan invading our sleep.


Some of us though sleep solemnly. They sleep forever, finally at peace, while their loved ones weep and wail and mourn.

There is a special place reserved in hell for people like Phillip Aspinal and his perverted mates like Lou Daniels.

Long all the sick f*ckers burn.