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The NSW gang trial of the decade has been set for later this year, although the details are being kept hush hush by the authorities, for fear of harm to the witnesses who have rolled over and turned police informers in an attempt to save themselves from spending the majority of the 21st century caged like the dogs they are in a protection cell in Supermax, looking over their shoulders as they watch the clock tick slowly by.

There is no honor among thieves, well at least not among faux siblings anyway, as former Brothers 4 Life heavyweight Farhad Qaumi quickly discovered after at least three of his former loyal lieutenants turned traitor and cut deals to tell all about their former tattooed talisman so that they can avoid a future where their heavens become just a little tent of blue that prisoners call the sky.

Two of the twisted, treacherous turncoats are already peering out at the tent through the bars of their cell windows, but for far fewer years than they would have had they stuck by the Geebung Code and kept their mouths shut. But then again, if this pair of grubs had been born and raised in the Bung they wouldn’t have been running around shooting blokes in front of their missus and tin lids, leaving a loving wife bereft, and pair of wee twins with a final memory of their beloved Dad as a man floating in a pool full of his own blood.

The dead man Joe Antoun – a Sydney businessman with a checkered past who had turned his life around after the birth of his much-loved twin daughters – was cut down in a hail of coward’s bullets when he answered the door of his Strathfield home one warm December evening in 2013. He fell and died where he stood, five bullet holes in his heart, with his wife desperately attempting to  revive him, slipping and falling in a pool of crimson as their six-year-old girls looked screaming on.

It was the most callous of murders, perpetrated by two young poor excuses for men named Navid Khalili, then aged 25, and Kasim Ali Khan, 24, members of the  Brothers 4 Life gang.


Navid Khalil, the bastard who fired the bullets that broke Joe Antoun’s family’s hearts, and stopped the biog man’s own from beating forevermore

The gang’s name proved to be shallow as the allegiance to its creed of the so-called lifelong Brothers themselves, for the both the trigger man in Antoun’s murder Khalili and his driver Khan forgot all about their oath to remain brothers forever soon after they were collared by the crime squad cops and suddenly realised that they were staring down a certain life sentence as their reward for wickedly taking away Joe Antoun’s.

Faced with the reality of the price that must be paid for cruelly slaying a man while his child clung loving to his calf, the pair cast aside the notion of brotherly bonds and pleaded with the police to spare their lives in return for spilling their guts and telling all about the tall timber within their token tribe of criminal c*nts.

After conferring with the NSW DPP about the wisdom of allowing wanton killers a second chance at a life their victim was forever denied, the bulwark of the thin blue line agreed, and at the last minute deals were done, resulting in guilty pleas by the pair of gutless grubs and a closed court as they were delivered their devilishly reduced sentences.

Khalili, who in a rapid fire discharge of his illegal automatic pistol had put the five bullets into the unarmed and defenseless Antoun’s heart,  received a sentence of just 14 years, and will be walking the streets of Sydney again as a free man at the age of just 41, nine years the junior of the man he mercilessly murdered in cold blood, should of course he survive the duration of his sentence unscathed.

Despite his decade and a half stretch Khalili is a lucky man, for his lawyers cut a deal with the DPP that means he will never have to face court of be sentenced for the murder of another unarmed man that he cut down in cold blood. That man was his one-time ‘brother’ Mahmoud Hamzy, who like Joe Antoun was stalked and slaughtered in a hail of unheralded bullets in 2013. Khalili has admitted to the killing, but the highly controversial deal cut by his defence team means that he can never be charged with the crime, and incomprehensibly will walk away his breach of the sixth commandment with not even a slap over his wrist with a wet bus ticket.

Khalid’s partner in crime Kasim Ali – the man who drove him to and from the murder on Antoun’s doorstep – received an unfathomably short sentence of just 19 months in the can. It is an outrageous miscarriage of justice, and the accomplice to the cold-blooded killing will be free to waltz around the streets of Western Sydney by Christmas time this year, although if he has a single brain in his head and wants to avoid a bullet replacing it he will be straight onto a plane the moment he walks out of Silverwater and gives his evidence, and never return to the wide brown land’s golden shores.


Farhad Qaumi when was king of his callous little castle (left), and looking like a haunted wet rat after his arrest on charges of orchestrating Joe Antoun’s assassination (right)

The price that this pair paid for such largess from the judiciary was a promise to fall into the sludge-filled mire of their own making, and roll over on their backs and bark like dogs about the supervisory role played by their gang boss Farhad Qaumi in the commission of the couplet of murders. Qaumi is the Big Brother 4 Life, the man who the killers allege that among a host of other evil deeds ordered the deaths of Antoun and Hamzy.

The gang boss has already beaten 3 murder raps during his career of mayhem, death and destruction, but with a trio of his former faux-family men lining up to tell all about his misdeeds may be about to find that it’s fourth time unlucky.

Who ever said that caged birds don’t sing?


Aaron Sherritt’s police protectors cower under their beds as Joe Byrne comes knocking on the traitor’s door with a shotgun full of Jerilderie justice

The third man turned treacherous traitor on his Big Brother has his name suppressed, and although I know the identity of the hood who was shot in the knees by his beloved Brothers in early 2014, I’m from Geebung and therefore do not speak of such things. Due to my upbringing and fine education in the art of right and wrong, I am however most familiar with the tale of Aaron Sherritt, having learnt it on my grandfather’s knee at an early age, and unlike these 3 murderous musketeers am acutely aware of the fate that befell the wretched police informant who turned dog on poor Ned Kelly.

Like his loathsome former friends, this rollover witness has too been granted both a lifetime immunity from prosecution for his multitude of crimes, and a non-custodial sentence of a lifetime tossing and turning fitfully at night as he attempts in vain to sleep in a witness protection program bed full of fleas, after he elected to become yet another police informant against his former criminal comrades and tell all about their briefly lucrative criminal activities that have become the millstone around their neck that have brought them down to the bottom of the slime-filled swamp in which they now find themselves drowning.

He’s not too bright this third dastardly devil, for with his most of his mates turned enemies either dead or locked away in maximum security he, like so many criminal cockatoos before him, became cocky, and bored and frustrated with a square man’s life in hiding late last year bailed out of the protection program and returned to the lucrative low-life’s trade of dealing Class A drugs.

Unfortunately for both him and the DPP he proved to be not much good at working as a sole-trader and got busted, and now the probative value of his evidence is severely compromised, and he finds himself in a situation of his own making where his immunity from being called to account in a court of law for his multitude of crimes is seriously at risk. As a wise man once said, you pay your money and you take your chance, and this boy may well find at some future stage that he has blown his.

Let’s hope however that the DPP haven’t blown theirs, as from day one I have suspected that the deal the State struck with satanic killers has been as suss as f*ck, and will never stick, not for a single second given the character and backgrounds of the c*nts being rolled out as the Crown’s star witnesses.


Joe Antoun – a man who loved and was much-loved by his family, and was cruelly stolen away from them by a group of gutless weapon-wielding wannabes

I pray to God that I’m wrong – or would if I believed in the phantom of folklore anyway – because I have met Joe Antoun’s widow and his family, and know of the deep pain that have and continue to suffer due to the actions of the accused men and their gutter rat mates, and it will be a travesty if they don’t find some degree of justice applied to the men who planned and executed the execution of Joe, the man his family all loved beyond compare, and who loved them without limits in return.

A lifetime of experience has taught me however that often justice is just a shimmering mirage in a dusty desert, a mere sparkling illusion akin to the fabled pot of gold at the end of each rainbow. In grief and despair we desperately dive to grab hold of it, only to find our hands filled with emptiness and and our broken hearts breaking more still.

There is only one true form of justice for cold, cruel killers like Farhad Qaumi and the trigger-men who have sold him out to save their own Cain-marked skin, and that is the justice that Joe Byrne meted out to his treacherous former friend turned foe the two-faced, hollow- hearted wombat Sherritt. That’s justice, Geebung and Jerilderie style.

But in this crazy, unjust world of and ice cream for an eye and toast for a tooth, all we can do is sit back watching with bated breath and a whole lot of hope, and trust that the private school boys and girls from the top-end of town can pull off a successful prosecution and send these bad, bad men to the living hell that they so decidedly deserve.

Whatever happens in the highly-anticipated trial however, there is one thing about which we can be absolutely certain.

It is as Ned famously said, when their clock one day stops ticking, where the Brothers 4 Life go they will see Aaron Sherritt there.