The recruitment of the faded rock star Axl Rose as the new front man for AC-DC is bound to attract a bucket load of criticism, but for mine it is a pure masterstroke by the Young boys who own and run the band.

It’s not just talent that keeps a band in the money and selling out stadiums for four decades – it’s discipline.

A whole bunch of people can play good music, just like an array of athletes can play rugby league. But think of all the talented footy stars that have fallen by the wayside over the years because they refused to recognise that talent alone only takes you so far and reconcile their God-given gifts with the grunt work required to stay at the top throughout the course of their careers.

For the footy fans I’ll give you just two names and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Julian O’Neill and Sione Faumuina.

If you don’t know them then click on the links and you will quickly realise the truth of what I am saying. It’s not not about talent – sure that’s the basic building block but that;s just where it starts – it’s about discipline and hard work.

Michael Jordan, the world’s greatest ever basketball player, knew that and that’s why he put in 110% on the practice court every day of his career, being the first to arrive at the gym and the last to leave seven days a week without fail.

Johnny Wilkinson, the man who won England the Rugby World Cup in 2003 and broke every Australian fan’s heart in the process was the same. His drop kick that won the Poms the Willy Webb Ellis was no accident. He’d practiced that kick 100 times a day for years.

And just like Mike, and Johnny, and every other superstar who’s stayed at the top throughout their career, AC-DC work hard. Despite all their success and their vast riches, the band remain driven to succeed, and work their guts out to stay at the top of their game, and that’s why even into their 60’s the band members can still jump on a stage and slay any hard rocking band anywhere across the globe.

Axl Rose though is the music world’s Sione Faumuina or Julian O’Neill, the bloke who rose like a gun shot from a rocket to super stardom and had the world at his feet, but pissed it all away. For two decades now he’s been a shambolic shadow of the once great singer that he was, and has tramped from stage to stage drunk and stoned and overweight and let down fans all over the world

But now all of a sudden the Gods have rock have gifted Rose that rare shot at redemption that most never get. And I reckon that like George Foreman our man Axl has learnt his hard lessons the hard way, and is going to grasp his second chance with both hands, and rock us to our bootstraps

It’s a long way to the top, and it’s quick to the bottom, but the path back to the peak of the summit is the one that leads a man from the dark jungle of his psyche to sit and sing on the mountain with the Gods.

The Gods of Rock ‘n goddamn roll!