Well there is now absolutely no doubt that the morons are running the Murdoch press mansion, and that truth is just a tortured tale of times gone by.

Today’s headline tells us everything we need to know about the murder of the media and the death of the truth and the the free speech dream.

Don’t believe a word that the Steve Wardill of the Courier-Mail tells you about Assetstacia’s ‘brilliance’, for it is nothing but bullsh*t.

Queensland’s Premier is about as brilliant as I am queer.

Which is not at all.


And don’t believe for a second Stevie Wonder’s claim that compulsory preferential voting is an affront to the ‘principles of Fitzgerald’ and a ‘modern day gerrymander’, for unlike the deluded dervish who tells you such tales I have actually read the Fitzgerald Report – in fact, I have the weighty tome by my side as I write – and I can assure you that the great reformer who totally turned his back on drug distribution and pedophile rings did not say a single word about the efficacy or otherwise of preferential voting, compulsory or otherwise.

It was the Electoral Reform Commission – the body actually recommended by Fitzgerald that did such a thing, and it was the Cheshire Cat, the craven political genius Peter Beattie, who popularised the ‘Just Vote 1’ strategy in 2001 in order to deliver a knockout blow to Pauline Hanson and One Nation, and to wedge the then Liberal/National coalition so that they had no choice other than to refuse to accept the racist redhead’s preferences.

That’s the true story about the Queensland preferential voting laws, and Stevie Wonder’s simply a sad, deluded d*ckhead for attempting to tell you otherwise.

And Assetstacia’s no brilliant tactician, she’s just an accidental Queen who wants to continue to sit on her throne and is scared sh*tless by the rise of the revolutionary Greens under their new leader Richard Di Natale, who refuses to kowtow to Labor as his forebears did for decades.

She’s thrown the dice has our Princess Pannacotta, and is hoping like hell that by forcing parties and punters to preference the Greens will lay down and deliver their 2nd tick to the legion of loser that she leads under the Labor brand.

F*ck it would be funny if the Greens told her to take two to the Valley and delivered their duel vote to the LNP, for it would leave egg all over a whole lot of people’s faces, most of all hers and Stevie Wonder the wonder boy who loves Fitzgerald so much that he refuses to read and understand just exactly what the highly compromised Commissioner had to say.

Not that it really matters though, because after all this is Queensland and what we don’t know doesn’t hurt us, and what we think we do we never did at all, and hey isn’t the State of Origin series due to kick off soon, and as long as we have our footy who really gives a f*ck about the chatter from the deluded writers of the daily fish and chips wrapper, or the oh poor me screams from the posers in the House of Broken Dreams?

No-one, that’s who hep cat.

And don’t you worry about that.