It’s a weird old place that winding road between Warwick and Woodenbong.

Strange men who walk around in thongs looking like they have the arse out of their pants get their farms raided and have shipping containers containing half a million bucks in cash and a couple of million in green dug up.

Folks who grow up dirt poor on nearby farms move to Brisbane and rumors start to flow that they have become the Sultans of slime and sin.

Sh*t arse farmers from Coopers Plains move out that way and in no time at all they become multi-millionaires, rich beyond their wildest dreams.


Dead women’s bodies get found out there in them hills.

Men get murdered there too.

Yet it’s a sleep little hollow with a population of just 332.

There must be something in that Woodenbong water I reckon sportsfans.

Perhaps it just ain’t wood dat goes in dat dem bongs choofer.