The two men shaking hands in the picture above are William Alfred Jolly – the son of a gardener, who by virtue of the patronage of perverts became the Lord Mayor of Brisbane, and had a bridge named after his sicko soul – and his odious benefactor Dr James O’Neil Mayne, a gay as folk millionaire kiddy-fiddling mincer whose father was a murderer, and who himself had a perverted predilection for sucking and f*cking pre-pubescent teens in tandem with his live-in lover toyboy Freddy, the serial ex-offending suit-wearing scion of high society in the happy snap, leering lecherously on his left.

Federick William Whitehouse is the full name of Dr Mayne’s depraved douche, and this is he below pictured a depraved decade and a half later, six years after his Sugar Daddy had descended to sup with the Devil, and left him all alone, and Freddy had gone to seed.


Fondling Freddie never forgot his master Dr Mayne, nor the lessons from which the loaded descendant of a loon he had learned, for Freddie founded a pedophile ring, around which soon his whole sick existence turned.

Yes sportsfans, this is Freddie Whitehouse, the odious cuddling cove of Clarrie Osborne, his fiendish wartime friend; who masterminded international child-porn rings, and met a gruesome end.

Peds like Fred don’t thing of the future though, and nor did Clarrie care; the evil couple of sickos just wanted every boy they could share.

They sucked and f*cked and photographed every single kid that they could; and sent them off to their pervo mates so that they too could tug their wood.

But one fine sick Fred stuffed up, and one of his innocent victims squealed; Fred got pinched by the law, convicted then appealed.

After years of declaring that he simply was not, the kiddy-fiddling type; Freddie’s mates came to the ball, and his convictions were suddenly wiped.

And thus like mendacious magic, it was as if he’d never sucked a single rower’s cox; and the law declared he’d absolutely never put his hand in a schoolboy’s jocks.

Thus absolved of all his sins, Freddie jumped back on the blocks; he teamed up with Churchie’s Headmaster Henry Roberts; and  recommenced getting off his rocks.

Fred was off and racing, and resumed his love of fondling young boys in their sleep; but some boys subjected to his slaughter, know  innately that the Brisbane River runs deep.

They’d been subject to Fred’s torture, unwittingly he’d taught them all the dodges; so when they slunk avoiding syringes along the river bank;  the boys knew that Freddie’s neighbor in the flash apartment just up the way, was the home of Joh’s Police Minister mate old Allen Maxwell ‘Max’ Hodges.