Albert Smith is well known to readers of this website, and to followers of our coverage of the Trade Union Royal Commission, for he is the grub who did everything he could to sink the CFMEU and put its Queensland leader Michael Ravbar – a good and honest man – behind bars like a common criminal.


Regular readers and smart sportsfans will also be familiar with Tub-Thumping Tommy, the one time loony lefty who thought it funny to make a female MP’s life a misery by throwing bricks through her electorate office window and uttering vile, perverted threats of sexual assault to her late at night over the telephone.

This grub may have escaped justice by sheer luck due to the incompetence of the police, who in haste failed to gain sufficient evidence to sink the stalker, but he did it alright, and if he would like to call me a liar then he is more than welcome, because all the Thumper needs to do is lodge a lawsuit and sue my arse off for defamation to prove that I am full of sh*t and that his conscience is as clear as Clag.

Have a go ya mug – not only do I dare the Thumper to take me on, I dead set welcome the chance to expose his sins, particularly given that the lewd-talking liar has been lumbering around town calling me a mendacious liar and a loon.

Bring it on wrongdoer.

Wendy’s pretty keen for you to have a crack too you craven clown.


He won’t though, because being a lawyer the Thumper knows full well that the balance of probability in a civil case is a whole lot different that the presumption of doubt in a criminal case, and he also knows that certain folk were witnesses to his wanton misbehavior toward the woman who was his Mt Cootha MP, and that they will have no compunction about standing up in the Supreme Court and attesting to the crimes for which he escaped conviction.

But despite Thumper’s reluctance to sue, or even to return my messages asking him to please explain his actions, actions always speak louder than words, and you can always tell a tosser by the company that he keeps, even if the said company is somewhat strange for a bloke who burns with the desire to plant his bum on a padded leather seat in the House of Broken Dreams.

The House of Broken Glass would probably be more Thumper’s style, given his past form, and do you know what?

I don’t think he’ll be getting the backing of the CFMEU in a preselection any time soon.