Remember how the Queensland Racing Minister Grace Grace said that Jim Rundle wasn’t an ALP appointed mate?

Remember how Archie kept telling you that he was?

Remember how the people who once called Archie a mate now derided him as a brain-dead lunatic?

It’s like George always told us – ya just gotta have faith.

See that bloke in the picture above?

Look again.

Do you recognise him?

You should.


Jim bloody Rundle.

He’s not a Labor mate.

Oh no, never! No f*cking way!

Archie’s a conspiracy theorist!

Except that Archie’s not.

He’s just a Bunger Boy who has been around the block, and never forgets a name or a face.

And didn’t forget Jim Rundle’s, even after 17 years, much to Jim’s chagrin.


There is no connection between he and Racing Minister Grace Grace, oh no, none whatsoever, not on your life!

Except for the fact that the largest player in the ALP Old Guard faction that propelled the multi-millionaire mafia-connected MP into the Racing Ministry was a little old dud outfit named The Services Union.

The union that Slim Jim the Halal Hater is pictured ranting to Rockhampton in the ‘oh my f*cking God how did Archie get hold of that?’ photo above.

And guess which Minister of the Crown is a loud and proud member both of the ALP Old Guard faction and of the union that controls its numbers within – thanks largely to the seemingly long forgotten (except of course by the Branch Stacker) work of one Archibald J. Butterfly in the early 2000’s – and who defiantly declares her membership of the dud outfit led by the Lawyer Who Couldn’t Cut It In Private Practice?

Grace f*cking Grace.


I’m an imbecile am I you craven critics?

Wake up and smell the roses.

Ha ha bloody  ha!

Racing Queensland – the greatest scam since the sale of the Brooklyn Bridge, and don’t you worry about that.