The man in the picture above is Brigadier Thomas Parslow E.D. Q.C.. LLB, the one-time Solicitor-General of Queensland in the days when Joh Bjelke-Petersen presided over the Pineapple State turf.

Brigadier is what the child-loving chap who loved dressing up in uniforms said he was anyway, for while Parslow was certainly a law graduate who became the Solicitor-General, there are some brigade-sized questions surrounding his suspect claims to military service, and indeed about his entitlement to wear the badges that you see splayed across the kiddy-fiddling f*cker’s shoulder and breast in the pictures above.

You see, most blokes and birds who have served as heroes in the Australian Defence Forces have this funny little thing called a war record. And these records of the heroic service of our forebears are lovingly maintained by the National Archives, and obtainable by a simple search of the archived files.

For example, both my grandfathers served out country in World War 2.

Mum’s dad was Henry Mason Walker, who served in Bougainville and PNG, so let’s search his name just to illustrate the ease by which ANZACS records can be obtained.

I put his name in the record search.


I hit ‘Search’ and I get this.


I click on the service number next to his name and I get this.


I click again, and Click Go the Shears Bunger Boy – Click Click Click – this is what I come up with.


My Grandpa’s war record.

Easy as pie.

So why then when I perform the same search on the record of the former State Solicitor-General – the man who claimed to be a Brigadier, and wore his ‘medals’ and ‘ribbons’ at every possible opportunity – do I get this?


Absolutely bloody nothing.

The Brigadier doesn’t have a war record.

Why the hell not?

That’s simple sunshine. It’s because he was a bullsh*t artist,.

‘Brigadier Tom’  didn’t actually serve his country as an enlisted soldier.

He was like so many high-society mincers to follow in his footstep simply another ‘Civilian Militia’ member, a half-baked homosexual who favored young boys and liked dressing up in uniform and wielding the lash.

A pedophile in high places who like an early prototype of the Tub-Thumper lied, lied like f*ck and then lied some more about his supposed military service and the Japanese bullet fortuitously defended by his cigarette case.


If you believe the bullet story then you believe in fairies.

Which means that you believe in Butch Brigadier Tom.

Ha ha f*cking ha!

The University of Queensland Regiment strikes again!