Would you f*cking believe it?

Those d*ckheads that run the common law system in the land of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels reckon that we are breaching international law by detaining innocent asylum seekers against their will!

Who do these black bast*rds think they are saying such things?

What’s that Mum? The judges aren’t all blacks?



Okay, maybe not. Justice Terence Higgins sort of looks white.

But the criminals locked away on the island are devotees of Allah, so it doesn’t bloody matter what the judges think, we can do whatever the hell we like. These sailors upon sunken boats are criminals after all.

What are you saying now Mum? Muslims fought with Australia in World War Two?

Get off the grass old girl – you’re a brain tumor ridden retard.


Okay Mum, maybe you’re not.

I guess these Muslims aren’t demons after all.

Perhaps only the fundamentalist terrorists are.

A bit like the Christian fundamentalist terrorists I suppose.


Maybe the PNG Supreme Court isn’t racist after all.

Perhaps they are simply upholding the rule of law.

But Johnny Howard told us that these brown boat people were bast*rds Mum!

Surely Johnny wouldn’t lie!