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I’ve written a number of pieces over the past couple of years suggesting that former mining baron, Brisbane Broncos benefactor and dead set crook Ken Talbot had faked his death, and was living the life of Riley somewhere warm by the water in a destination untold and unknown.

By doing so I’ve opened myself up to opprobrium, and have copped plenty, with the general consensus being that Mr Archibald J Butterfly is nothing but a conspiracy theorist, a kook and a goddamn f*cking clown.

Well, well, well.

Who’s the clown now?

What are the 4 sealed paragraphs in Kenny’s wife’s affidavit I wonder?

And why won’t mincing Marty Daubney let us see them?

Archie’s as mad as a snake the wise men say.

But wise men never play with pythons, and prefer to cast their eye over coroners reports prior to presuming a punter charged with major corruption to be dead.