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So that morning the uncle of the now wired up teen – a man named Mayez Danny – gets a number of calls on his mobile telling him what has just happened to his juiced up young nephew, and how Wally Ahmad has broken the brazen young blockhead’s jaw.

This bloke Dany is a heavy, a drug dealer and big time crook, and at the time that he starts to receive these phone calls he’s tearing down the highway on his way down to the grass castles of Cooma in the Snowy Mountains to check on the crops, but the minute that he hears what’s happened to his sibling’s lad Hammoud he immediately turns around and points the Mercedes back toward Sydney, because no-one f*cks with his family and gets away with it, or that’s what he thinks at this point anyway.

Mayez Dany dials the hands free as he’s doing the u-turn, and before he even turns off the blinker he’s screaming abuse down the phone at Hassan ‘Sam’ Ibrahim, threatening him with all manner of things for the indignity of the assault that his nephew has just brought upon himself.

It’s perhaps not the wisest of things to do, for the man Sam Ibrahim that Danny is railing down the phone to is somewhat well-connected, what with being the head of Nomadic and Notorious bikie gangs and all, or at least that’s what some say.

Now the pair tell each other all sorts of things, like ‘I’m going to tap you’ and ‘f*ck you. I’m going to tap you too’ but eventually common sense prevails, for a second or two anyway, and they agree to meet at the Just Vans chop shop owned by Wally Ahmad’s wife Nidal – in name anyway – and so they do a couple of days later, after they’ve all had some sleep, or at least those of them that weren’t whacking ice up their arm had anyway.

The meeting – held at Khaled Hammoud and his brother’s chop shop, which is just down the road from the chop shop owned by the bloke who just busted his jaw – goes well, or appears to at least. Khaled of course was not in attendance, for he was flat on his back in hospital getting his jaw wired up, but whatever needed to be said was clearly said, and whatever reparations needed to be agreed were agreed, and Dany and Wally show each other a bit of man love by having a hug, and off they go on their usual wicked ways.

But if Mayez Dany thought that he’d sorted things he was just f*cking kidding himself, because not long afterwards the broken-jawed Khaled Hammoud’s brother arrives at Wally’s chop shop just down the road from the meeting place with a whole bunch of mates, and he has either not been schooled up on what just occurred or doesn’t concur with the agreed resolution, for he immediately begins to tell Wally what he thinks about him and what he has done to his nephew, and it isn’t pretty, and don’t you worry about that for fisticuffs occur, however they are stemmed and then peace descends upon the earth again.

For about 5 minutes anyway, because the next thing you know it is lunchtime smoko and a rugby team sized crew of Wally’s blokes rock in to Dany’s nephew’s joint, and they bail up Khaled’s cousin, and one of them king hits him and the next thing you know the bloke’s in Disneyland himself, and then Wally’s first fifteen turn upon another bloke and beat the living sh*t out of him too.

The ruck and mauls completed, Wally then picks up the phone and calls Sam Ibrahim, telling him that the wire-jawed Khaled’s a c*nt, and so are all his family, and that these f*ckers had f*cked up the peace deal that had been cut just that morning, and that it was all the hell-bound Hammoud family’s fault.

Sam Ibrahim, who must by this stage have totally had the sh*ts that the truce he had brokered had two minutes later been butchered, arranged for yet another meeting, this time to be held at Wally’s chop shop, and Sam the Man gave a bloke called Hijazi – who more likely than not was Mick, the leader of the Comanchero biker gang – and this Mick or not Mick arranged for Mayez Dany to rock down to the chop shop for the urgent meeting, which Hany did.

Our man Mayez had a bit of a verbal altercation with Wally, then poked his head into his nephew’s place next door, and when he saw the king-hit bloke dreaming that he was Mickey Mouse, and the belted to the sh*thouse fella lying prone next to him, he became a tad more than somewhat peeved, and returned to Wally’s spitting brimstone and fire.

Mayez Dany was so irate in fact that he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pistol packed with peace keeping pellets –  otherwise known as ammo – but before he could pull the trigger and shoot Wally in the noggin he was embraced by Wally’s uncle Mahmoud Hussein, who simply wanted to show Mayez a bit of man love and understanding. but for his trouble copped a couple of cylinders in the leg, which wasn’t very bloody nice of Mr Dany when you think about it, and in fact was a dog-damn dog act in my personal opinion.

Wally clearly shared my view, for he reached into his own pocket and pulled out the old persuader and put five straight into old Dany – bang, bang, bang, bang, bang – and all of a sudden old Dany wasn’t about to become any older, because in a snippet of serendipity suddenly he was dead.

You pay your money, you take your chance.

Or at least that’s what I’m told.