A couple of days ago I told you the story of Thomas Parslow, the Brigadier who isn’t, who told all manner of lies about his war service and his near-death experiences at the hands of the Japanese in New Guinea during World War 2.

In reality he was a humble law court jockey from Maryborough who did the Barristers Board examinations and became a lawyer, then through some freak of nature or patronage rapidly rose the lofty heights of becoming Queensland’s Solicitior-General, shortly after his friend Joh Bjelke-Petersen became the Premier.

Strange that.

I thought it might be interesting to tell you a little about the bullsh*t Brigadier’s mates, just to see if you can join the dots together and draw the picture that I am attempting to paint for you.

Here are a few biographical details about the tin soldiers pictured dolled up in their regimental garb above.

I haven’t mentioned how many come from Maryborough and Ipswich. I’m leaving that story for another day.

Rod Hamilton

Schoolteacher, Ferny Grove College.

Patron of the 9th Battalion, after who a park in Geebung is named.

Pat Shanahan 

District Court judge 1972 – 1998. Head of the Environment and Planning Court.

Former Supreme Court judge in Papua New Guinea.

Friend and supporter of corrupt police officer and Rat Pack leader Tony Murphy, the man whose career-ending perjury charges in the early 70’s for lying to a Royal Commission into Police Corruption were dropped after the mysterious death of the star witness Shirley Brifman.

John Pearn

Medical practitioner, paediatrician, professor.

Former Queensland Father of the Year, former Queenslander of the Year.

Priory Librarian Order of St John Queensland. Former Director of Training St John’s Ambulance.

Life member Surf Lifesaving Association.

Lived in PNG in the 1960’s.

John Taske

Vietnam veteran.

Brisbane doctor and anesthesiologist.

Mountain climber, almost lost his life in an avalanche when climbing Mt Everest in 1996. Eight of his expedition party died.

Former chairman of collapsed retractable syringe inventor OMI.

Vlasis Efstathis

Ipswich-based medical practitioner.

Greek Community leader.

Chairman St John’s Ambulance.

Governor Paul de Jersey is the Deputy Prior of the Order of St John

George Kearney

Professor of Behavioral Science, psychologist.

Worked in Papua New Guinea for a number of years when employed by ANU.

Life member Australian Psychological Society. So is Margot Lynch, serial paedophile Kevin Lynch’s former wife.

Former board member St Paul’s School during Kevin Lynch abuse period..

Former board member Anglican Church Grammar School (‘Churchie’).

Former Deputy Chancellor Griffith University.

Prior Chevalier Order of St John.

Governor Paul De Jersey is Deputy Prior.

Gordon McLeod

Dunno anything about him. Bet he’s a c*nt though.

Peter Rule

Career public servant, Department of Children’s Services, Department of Mines and Energy, Department of Corrective Services.

Qualified Social Worker.

Owner of Jetset Travel Agency 1992-2001.

Acting Director-General Dept of Corrective Services 2003-2004.

Executive Manager Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Office 2004-2014.

Peter Nicol

Don’t know this bloke either, but see Gordon McLeod above.

John Greenwood

Liberal Party State MLA for Ashgrove 1974-1983.

Barrister, Queens Counsel.

Trevor Luttrell

Career public servant, Department of Education.

Tom Parslow

The Brigadier who wasn’t. The man who claimed his life was saved from a Japanese bullet by his cigarette case. It wasn’t. Also claimed to have been awarded defence force gallantry medals. He wasn’t.

Solicitor-General of Queensland, appointed 1970.

Stephen Golding

Engineer, career public servant.

Former Director-General Qld Department of Main Roads.

Former Director North Qld Bulk Ports Corporation, Transmax Pty Ltd.

Board member Qld Reconstruction Authority.

Former Chair Diocesan Services Commission, Anglican Church Brisbane.

Jack Kelly

One time salesman for the mafia-affiliated National Cash Register Company.

Supreme Court judge 1972-1990.

Former Supreme Court Judge Papua New Guinea.

Well connected Liberal, served as private secretary to Arthur Fadden, Deputy-Prime Minister under Robert Menzies.

Chairman of Queensland Licencing Commission 1958-1960. Member of Licencing Commission 1960-1970.

Head of Queensland Parole Board 1983-85.

Dennis Luttrell

Computer expert.

Former head of ICT at SGIO Insurance (now Suncorp).

Director Information Management Unit, Queensland Police Service.

Former Director ICT Queensland Premier’s Department (ALP Government).

Sam (Ronald Inverarity) Harrison

Accountant, businessman.

Fellow of Kings College UQ. Paul de Jersey is the Senior Fellow.

Former board member United Services Club.

Garry Chandler

One time Schoolteacher.

Former Manager Cromwell College University of Qld.

Former Aide de Camp to Qld Governor James Ramsay.

Former Manager Dept Main Roads.

Committed suicide 2004.

Earlier that year police arrested 57 Brisbane men on child abuse and pornography charges.

It is not suggested that Chandler was one of them.