Bob Sharwood is an evil, vile pedophile.

In the 1970’s he raped a 13-year-old altar boy entrusted to his care more than 300 times.

This was not mere touching. This was rape. And the victim was a little boy.

The Anglican Church found out about Sharwood’s crimes. And immediately appointed him to the role of Chaplain at the Church of Anglican Grammar School (Churchie).

I guess he had all the right qualifications.

Sharwood was jailed in 2006 for his crimes. He received a pathetically light sentence, and was the streets again within a year.

In 2008 The Courier-Mail exposed the fact that Sharwood was singing in the choir at Holy Trinity church in Fortitude Valley, and that a man named Barry Greaves then facing charges of child sex-abuse – he was after soon convicted and jailed – was conducting bible readings under the leadership of parish priest Trevor Bullerd, himself a pervert convicted of indecent behavior in a public toilet.

In the eight years since we have heard legions of terrible tales of horrific abuse told to the Child Abuse Royal Commission by victims whose lives have been shattered. Decent human beings have cried rivers of tears as these witnesses bared their pain to the world and shared their stories of broken dreams, drug and alcohol addiction problems, failed marriages, suicide attempts and more.


Archbishop Phillip Aspinall promised the world that the church had changed.

He boasted that under his leadership the Anglican Archdiocese had introduced policies purporting to prevent pedophiles from holding positions of leadership, authority, trust or power.

Here’s one of them.


Now bearing in mind the above can someone – anyone – please explain what you are about to see below to me.

Please help me comprehend what you see, because I can’t.


How is Bob Sharwood allowed to stand before a congregation that includes children and teenagers, and read the word of the lord? Why is his fellow pedophile Barry Greaves?

What are they thinking as they utter the words ‘Suffer the Little Children’?

Who helps Sharwood set up the Community Hour?

Are there any young men helping him with the heavy lifting?

And by allowing Sharwood and Greaves to perform these roles, why is the Anglican Church knowingly and willingly breaching not only their own policies, but the law of the State of Queensland?

For their is no way in heaven or hell that Sharwood and Greaves hold Blue Cards, and under the law they are required to.


But most importantly of all, why does the Archbishop of Brisbane seemingly hold such scorn for the victims of child sexual abuse?

Cannot he not comprehend the pain that allowing such pedophiles to stand before us at the lectern and preach causes victims?

What part of his own phrase ‘shameful failings’ does Aspinall fail to understand?

All of it. That’s the simple answer.

Nothing has changed in the Church of England.

And as long as Dr Phil’s in charge, nothing ever will.