The Holy Trinity Church in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley is a meeting place for pedophiles.

The parish priest, Trevor Bulled, is a pedophile.

Bulled is dying of cancer. I hope that it is f*cking painful.

At least two of his lay ministers – Barry Greaves and Robert Sharwood – are sick, disgusting child molesters who have been jailed for the sex crimes they perpetrated on young boys under their care and control.

Former Queensland Attorney-General Rod Welford – my former school mate, and the man who hooked the prosecution to save his close friend Scott Volkers from being prosecuted for his predatory crimes against young girls – is deeply enmeshed in the perverted pedophile network that is run out of the Holy Trinity Church.

The congregation at Holy Trinity is small, but the reach of these child abusers is vast.

The tentacles of the odious octopus stretch into Anglican schools across Brisbane.

They reach across the waters to the child-sex lover’s sanctuary of Indonesia, and into Asia and Africa.

There are IT experts heavily involved, and they share odious and illegal child sex images and videos around the globe across the internet.

The church has deeply rooted and extremely close links to the Queensland University Regiment Association, the club of toy soldiers that is a front for a pedophile ring.

It’s terrible tentacles extend into the courts, and the law, and into the highest reaches of business and the Queensland Government.

The people involved will accuse me of being a homophobe.

I am not.

The best man at my wedding is gay, and my wife was the matron of honor at his own wedding to his beautiful partner.

I love both of them dearly, and I am a great and outspoken supporter of marriage equality.

No sportsfans, this story is not about homosexuality.

It is about child abuse.

The criminal exploitation of children for the perverted pleasure of adult men – and perhaps women – who enjoy abusing innocent kids.

Let us start this sordid tale from the top – or near the top anyway, for we are yet to bring the Archbishop Dr Phil into the fray – and take a look at the  priest in charge of kiddy fiddler’s circus, Trevord Bulled.

Before we do however, let me say something very, very  clearly, for the avoidance of any possible future legal doubt whatsoever.

This is it.

My codicil.

For the avoidance of any doubt, when I use the term ‘pedophile’ I do not exclusively mean those individuals who have been convicted of committing sexual offences against children.

I also in include in the definition anyone who knowingly associates with the convicted person following their guilty plea or jury determined culpability for their crimes; any person who has, or in the mind of the reasonable person, should have knowledge or suspicion that a person is perpetrating or facilitating abuse against children; and those that on any reasonable balance appear to accept that ‘romantic’ and/or physical relationships between people of totally disproportionate ages is acceptable.

In a moment my momentous tale shall begin.

But first I’m going to play you a little tune.