Kelvin Grove State College Primary School teacher Nicholas Dargusch

A while back I was contacted by a regular reader who is the parent of a then 9-year-old child who he believed had been the subject of discrimination by her Grade Four class schoolteacher at Kelvin Grove State College on Brisbane’s northside.

At the time the parent was also a teacher at the school, in the Special Education unit – although that was soon to change, more about that in a minute – and was gravely concerned both about the treatment his daughter had allegedly suffered at the teacher’s hands, and about what the parent believed was a gross and flagrant breach of the teacher’s professional obligations and the standards of an educator who has daily care and control of primary school aged children.

The parent advised me that they intended to lodge a complaint about the matter with the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Commission, and with the appropriate State Education bodies, which the concerned individual subsequently did.


Given that this is the daughter of the parent concerned pictured above, and next to her image is a public comment made by her schoolteacher, it was no surprise to me hat the parent chose to take the action that they did, and intrigued by what I had been told, in my usual inimitable fashion I began casually researching the educator who was the subject of the parent’s concerns.

And in no time at all I almost fell of my press room chair as I discovered a series of vile and highly offensive pictures, articles and comments that the school teacher had published on websites and social media pages that he administered.

These publications, all made on media accessible by members of the general public, including the young children under his daily care and control, are republished in the article below, not by any means because I endorse or support the views of the teacher – I absolutely do not, and quite to the converse find them repulsive and disgusting – but so that you can clearly read and understand the material concerned, which was variously racist, homophobic, sexist, bigoted, offensive, discriminatory and profane.

The school teacher in question is a public servant named Nicholas Dargusch, and so concerned was I about his public comments and publications that I immediately set about writing a series of articles regarding his behavior that were published on this website.

I did so without reference to the parent who had drawn their concerns about the teacher to my attentions and because I believed and continue to believe that these publications made by a man who teaches children under the age of ten are an absolute affront to decency.


More particularly it was – and remains – my view, and I am sure that of any right-minded person, that the highly inappropriate and objectionable material reproduced above, and the vile video reproduced below that Dargusch published for the world to see by any reasonable interpretation clearly suggests that the primary school teacher – yes that’s right PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER – is at worst totally ignorant of the bounds of decent and proper behavior for a person engaged in his profession, and at worst is promoting or endorsing illegal sexual behavior toward children.

The publication of this incredibly inappropriate material should have resulted in the immediate termination of Dargusch’s employment in the State Education system, and the cancellation of his registration as a teacher in the State of Queensland on the grounds that he is not a fit and proper person to hold such a role.

However despite the complaints to various authorities that the parent has made, from the material that has been made available to me not a single action has been taken to address Dargusch’s disgraceful behavior and actions.

Instead the parent’s contract as a teacher at the school has not been renewed – seemingly in retaliation for his making complaints about the material and the teacher’s behavior; his son has been assaulted in the schoolyard, choked to the point that he was rendered unconscious, and the school failed to inform him that the assault had occurred; and his efforts to discuss the matter have been ignored simply because the school decided that they did not like his choice of representative to address the matter, which was me, after I offered my proven advocacy skills at no cost simply to help the parent out, given that they are both a single parent of three school-aged children and the sole full-time carer for their 91-year-old mother who suffers from advanced stage dementia.

It is an absolute outrage, but probably no surprise given that almost the instant the parent raised their initial concerns about the matter the Kelvin Grove State College Principal, a man named Llew Paulger (pictured below) sent out an email to parents of the school claiming that an ‘unidentified person’ had gained ‘unauthorised access’ to their emails and ‘invaded their privacy’ by sending the parents ‘vexatious allegations’ against the teacher Dargusch.


The alleged unidentified person was me, and I identified myself by name and provided my contact details in the email that driven by my concerns for the safety of Dargusch’s students after reading his publications I sent to parents of students in his Year 4 class, in order to alert them to the behavior and views of the person to whom they entrust care and control of their young kids each day between 9am and 3pm.

Of course the email addresses for the parents were not accessed without authority – I am too old to learn how to become an internet hacker – but rather were gained from a publicly available website, and had in fact been published in violation of the Privacy Act by the school and by Dargusch himself.

And the allegations were in no way vexatious, but simply rather a true and accurate representation and detail of the material that Dargusch in his wisdom had seen fit to make available for viewing and reading by the young children in his class should they decide to conduct a simple Google search of their teacher’s name.

I won’t say too much more about this particular matter because legal action in relation to Mr Paulger’s defamatory comments is forthcoming, but what I do wish to draw to public attention is the following statement to parents made by the public servant in charge of the 2500 odd students at the school which he has been appointed to administer and lead.

I assure you that Nick has the full support of the college.  It has been very important to Nick that so many of the parents have either contacted via email or spoken to him personally to also reassure him of your support.  This has been greatly appreciated.

Quote, unquote.

And before a single, solitary effort had been made to investigate the serious issues about Dargusch’s conduct that had been raised by the concerned parent.

The fix was in.

But why?

Perhaps the story that you are about to read next may shed a small ray of light upon the matter, a lead you to wonder whether perhaps the stories we have been publishing this week about the Holy Trinity Church in Fortitude Valley may cut closer to the bone than the cynics may have first surmised.


Yet another odious publication by State Primary School teacher Nicholas Dargusch