A few days ago we wrote expressing our concern that senior members of the legal fraternity – among others – were happily serving as lay officials of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Fortitude Valley alongside convicted and jailed pedophiles such as the odious Barry Greaves and the infamous Robert Sharwood – both wanton and wicked abusers of young boys in their care – not to mention of course the perverted parish priest Trevor Bullerd, a man 2 decades ago caught performing indecent acts in a public toilet.

Some kind souls have suggested that we have been rather harsh, and that the solicitors serving as lay people at Holy Trinity alongside the once jailed sex offenders may not fully understand the magnitude of the pedophiles crimes, and the devastating effect that these transgressions of decency and the law have had upon the victims of selfish, self-obsessed sex-fiends evil.

To that we say but one word.


And to illustrate it use the example of Katharine Philp, the Tress Cox law firm partner who serves on the lay roster with the triumvirate of teen boy terror.

Philp hasn’t always helped guide the shaky Tress Cox ship you see, for once upon a time in Brisvegas town she used to be a senior associate of Flower and Hart, the somewhat controversial law firm best known for the legal action taken against them by a firm named White Industries, who unsuccessfully alleged wholesale fraud on the part of the firm.

That case is whole story or six in itself, but what is relevant here is that Flower and Hart used to represent the Anglican Church, and take instructions from Clarrie ‘The Man They Called a Monster’ Osborne’s old colleague, the Royal Commission actor Bernard Yorke, the germ who helped conceal my old school principal Gilbert Case’s pedophile related crimes.

In fact Flower and Hart acted for the church in relation to legal action taken by a victim in relation to his abuse by John Elliott, the infamous pedophile former priest who has only ever been charged and convicted with a fraction of his kiddy-fiddling crimes that have caused so many good people so much pain.

Now I don’t suggest that Ms Philp acted personally for the church in this particular matter, but given her close association with the Anglican Archdiocese, and her role as a senior associate in the firm, it is highly unlikely that she was unaware of the details of the matter, and equally unlikely that she did not know of the devastating effects that Elliott’s egregious illegal acts had on his innocent victim’s lives both then and now, a sinister form of evil that has echoed through the years.

So why on earth then is this senior lawyer serving in a lay capacity with these other men that she knows full well have performed equally dastardly pedophile deeds?

It is a question that only Ms Philp can answer, and I for believe that it is high time that she did.

I won’t be holding my breath waiting though.