I have long propounded the theory that there is a definitive link between the activities of an organised pedophile ring that operated in Brisbane from at least the early 1960’s until the 1990’s – and in all probability continues to operate still – and the Freemason Lodges of our fair city.

The links are just too pronounced to ignore, and as strange as it seems today it appears as clear as day to me that Freemasonry was the pivotal factor that resonates across and throughout the seemingly disparate ranks of pedophiles and pedophile protectors and enablers.

Police Commissioner Frank Bischof, the man who set up the Juvenile Aid Bureau (JAB) – which I suspect was nothing more than the restaurant upon which a menu of fresh, vulnerable young meat was presented for the pleasure of a certain sick strata of 1960’s Brisbane society – was a prominent Freemason.

Brisbane Boys Grammar Headmaster Max Howell, who used to regularly send troubled young Grammar boys down the road to the JAB, and clearly covered up the sex crimes of serial pedophile Kevin Lynch, was a Freemason.

His sidekick, Grammar Deputy Principal David Coote – the man who covered up Howell’s cover-up of Kevin Lynch’s crimes, and continues to do so to this day – was a Freemason.

Gilbert Case, the then Grammar English Master who Kevin Lynch was so eager to work with in 1973 that he mentioned him by name in his job application letter to Howell – and who later employed Lynch at St Paul’s when he came close to exposure of his multiple abuses at Grammar, and then facilitated then later covered up his abuses at St Paul’s – is a Freemason.

Case was caught on police recordings ringing Lynch at home at 8.30pm on a Friday night to check on his welfare. At the time Lynch – who had been recently raped by a former victim, and feared he had aids – was in the company of a former St Paul’s student who he had repeatedly abused. Case knew this, and was seemingly calling to ensure that it was his mate Lynch who was doing the raping rather than finding himself holding the wrong end of the dick, if you pardon the most unfunny pun.

Many, many members of the Toy Soldiers, the Regiment of the University of Queensland – which I have strong reason to suspect was and remains another gathering place for pedophiles – are Freemasons.

And now I have absolute and inviolable proof that Kevin Lynch himself was a Freemason, and it is writ by his own hand in the diary extracts pictured at the top and bottom of this page.

This diary is for the year 1996, and is one of a number that Lynch kept while abusing children at St Paul’s, although a number more have vanished, and based upon the evidence at the Royal Commission it seems almost certain that it was Mr Gilbert Case himself who made them vanish, although clearly the c*nt Kevin kept some of the old ones at home, and with the police heat on the cowardly Case didn’t have the ticker to run the thin blue line and retrieve them, although you can bet your bloody life he wanted to.

But why?

Hopefully we’ll soon find out, for to distract myself from the grief caused by my mother’s death I am slowly and meticulously working my way through Lynch’s existing diaries that were tendered to the Royal Commission, and if their are incriminating clues in there you can rest totally assured that I will find them, for Case is responsible for my abuse and for the loss of several years of close relations with the corpse that rests at peace in my living room, and I am going to uncover this bastard’s crimes and nail his sick, sorry are to the jail room wall, if it is the last thing on earth that I ever do.

If you are reading this Gilbert, here’s a message to you from me you sick bastard: you’re not getting away with it. Too many of us have suffered, and you are responsible. You and you alone. Your pedophile friends are sick, but you are even sicker, because you knew the beasts that they were and threw us into their lair.

Geebung boys never forget, and we don’t get mad, we get even. You have been warned, and what you do next is totally up to you ya f*cking piece of sh*t. I’m going to crack this thing wide open even if it kills me. You are going down sicko.

The pieces of the puzzle are slowly starting to come together, and a clear picture is starting to emerge.

Police, lawyers, judges, teachers, travel agents, businessman – it’s exactly as those in the know always said, but could never prove.

It’s The Society of Friends.

It’s not pretty, it never was. The only thing pretty about this pedophile rings is the young boys whose lives they destroy. But some of us through love and understanding manage to put our lives back together again, and maybe, just maybe, the wheel is soon about to be turned 180%, and it will be the destroyers of lives who find their lives destroyed.

And that’s what I would call justice.