The dawn over Geebung on the morning of the day that I must bury the woman who gave me life. 


I’d give a million dollars if I could change today;

I’d cut my heart into little pieces, and give them all away.

I’d tear out my eyes and slit my ears, why I’d even sever my head;

I would do any and all and every thing, if I could make my Mum not dead.


I wish that I was Jesus Christ, I’d raise her from the grave;

Or if I was his father, I’d roll that big stone from her cave;

But I am just a mortal man, full of frailties, faults and fears;

I am just a dead mother’s son, and there’s nothing can stop my tears.


In the darkness by her coffin, I bend and kiss her once warm now cold lips;

If the love I feel were warm westerly winds, it would sail a thousand ships;

But it’s not my ship that’s sailing now, disappearing over the sea;

And so I hold Mum’s face for the very last time, and I stroke her tenderly.


The sun breaks over Moreton Bay, it’s shining red and burnished gold,

It washes over the woman I love, once young and then grown old;

Life is like a twinkling star, its journey’s like the phases of the moon;

She’s travelling across the universe now , but we’ll all be joining Mum soon.


All the flowers bud and bloom, all the flowers fade and wilt and die;

All the mourners lament and grieve, and all the mourners wail and cry;

But life is just a a shooting star that blazes all too swiftly through the sky;

We’re born, we live, we love, we hope, we grow, but before we know it our end is nigh.


I love you Mum.