Geez Magnificent Mal can pick ’em can’t he?

What a goddamn dream team he has assembled in the Pineapple State to shock and amaze the world in the upcoming – somewhere in the long distant future – Federal Election.

First up there’s a copper who’s been done over by Police Ethical Standards for accessing information on the bloke who’s campaign he was supposed to be managing, but double crossed him by leaking details of suppressed historical criminal allegations laid against his ‘mate’, thus costing him his crack at the safest of seats in the House of Broken Dreams in the 2015 election.


‘Never trust a copper’, my dearly departed and much-loved wise old mama used to tell us at the kitchen table in Geebung.

She was no fool that old girl.


And then there’s a happy clapping former Family First candidate who is running for the working class seat of Oxley while living in the glitter strip on the Gold Coast. She claims to understand the challenges faced by the underclass, and claims she can unlock the potential of the people of Oxley – the electorate, not the suburb, political boundaries being like Berlin walls and creating distinct nations within – simply by balancing the books.

Balancing the books of course means cuts to welfare, increasing the tax burden on the poor by raising GST, and eliminating or cutting government services. Go figure.

But hey, Bibe Roadley is a bible bashing Gold Coast real estate agent who used to run a telemarketing company after all, so what the hell would you expect?

This is Magnificent Mal’s dream team.

Read it and weep.