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For a long time now I have been proclaiming that The Services Union – which is really the Queensland Services Branch of the ASU trading its was into amalgamation under another name – is the worst union in the whole wide world.

I truly believed that I was correct too, for tell me, how many unions lose a third of their membership in just as many years?

Scribe’s got the answer.

But does he?

And does Archie?

What if Scribe and I are wr-wr-wr-wr-wrong?

Could there be a worse union than the dud outfit headed by the caped crusader, the Lawyer Who Couldn’t Cut It In Private Practice?

Surely not!

Da da da dum, da dum, da dum da da da dum, da dum da dee!

Then along comes the AEU NT!

Wow! Look at me now!

That’s Archie eating humble pie and foie gras!

There IS a worse union than the dud lawyer’s lot!

A union that has shed 25% of its membership in just 12 months.


A union that has somehow managed to divest itself of 1/3 of its asset base in just 2 years.


AEU NT Total Equity 2013


AEU NT Total Equity 2015

A union that in amid the chaos and carnage has somehow elected to increase the salaries and benefits of its hapless union officials by more than 20% over just 2 years.

At the same time the salaries of the union’s members increased by just 5%.

Not even the Lawyer Who Couldn’t Cut It In Private Practice would pull a stunt like this.


AEU union official’s salaries 2012/13


AUE union official’s salaries 2014/15

It’s obvious even to Blind Freddie what is going on here.

This egregious excuse for a union – having pushed out their high profile former President Matthew Cranitch (below) who attempted to reform the organisation and put a halt to the chaff bagging within, and paid the price for being straight – is simply cruising along toward the now-inevitable merger/takeover with the Federal body caused by the contemporary membership collapse, and the leadership  are drinking deep from the well and fiddling while the union’s members burn.


It is cruel to watch, and an absolute travesty, for there is no possible way that the Top End teachers are going to be well served by being serviced out of Sydney or Melbourne, but as long as the troughers keep telling the educators that she’ll be apples, it will be the teachers who suffer and their now full-time professional union officials who make hay while the sun dims.

There appears to be but one answer to the AEU’s ills in the Northern Territory, and that is to bring back Cranitch.


Just where is that bald man when his neighbors need him?