Gorgeous looks happy after yet another Sharkies semi-final loss – It might be time for a change of team for St George of the Sutherland Shire

As regular readers of this site will know my mate Gorgeous George, the plastic gangster with the drop-dead beautiful sisters, is a Cronulla Sharks fan.

In fact, it is said by those in the know that Gorgeous is such a fan of the long-time loser of a side – who’ve never won a premiership, and never will – that he not only has a life-size poster of Paul Gallen plastered over the inner door of his dunny without a top drawer, but has a 12 x 8 blow up of former prop Gavin ‘the Good Sort’ Miller imprinted on the boudoir ceiling too.

The word is that when Mrs Gorgeous gets tired of the usual nights of nothingness she flicks on the secret spotlight switch by the side of the bed, and with Gav aglow it’s suddenly all systems go with the Gorgeous man, if you know what I mean.

As Graham Richardson once said, ‘Whatever if Takes’, and given that the amazing Mrs A lives 1000 miles away from Archie, what else is a girl supposed to do?

It’s a weird world isn’t it, and how the hell Gorgeous George pulled such a honey and convinced her to marry him is a matter known only to his missus and his Mum who signed over the million bucks in dowry to secure the drop-dead delicious wife’s hand for her hapless son, a mother’s love clearly knowing no bounds.

Just as a footy fan’s devotion to his sensationally ugly and useless side knows no bounds.

I mean, take a look at these bloody Sharkies so beloved of the wog wannabe will ya? Have ya ever seen such an ugly bunch from the get go the end?Puh-lease – how bloody awful looking can a football side ever be?

Don’t worry about the empty silverware cupboard, or the three wooden spoons in just two score years. It’s the ugly stick that’s the Sharkies main concern.

If ya wanna be blunt about it, the bastards look a lot like their number one fan really, don’t they sportsfans?

Let’s go Broncos!


Look fella’s – I know I’m no oil painting -but at least I’m prettier than George