A lot of things that we were told at the Child-Sex Abuse Royal Commission into the atrocities committed at Brisbane Boys Grammar School and St Paul’s School were lies, but the greatest lies were those told about Kevin Lynch’s transfer of his pedophile activities from Grammar to St Paul’s over the summer of 1988.

Every single person involved from Grammar tried to make us believe that Lynch simply retired from Grammar because his financial problems were of such a magnitude that they necessitated him accessing his superannuation benefits at age 56.

Likewise, everyone involved at the St Paul’s end pretended that Lynch had simply applied for a vacant position of counselor at the school, and was far and away the most outstanding applicant for the job.

They all lied. Every single one of them.

Lynch had in fact broken up with his wife more than three years before he ‘retired’ from Brisbane Grammar, and was being paid at the top of the scale of head of year salary levels, a quite substantial pay packet for a mere counselor. The lecher wasn’t broke, far from it and quite the opposite; for he had received a windfall from his superannuation payout, and was flush with cash, so much so that he could afford to take a three month holiday to destinations unknown prior to taking up his new role at St Paul’s. .

Everything those in charge of Grammar and St Paul’s in the late 80’s told you at the Royal Commission about Lynch’s departure from Grammar and arrival at St Paul’s is untrue.

The real truth is that the fix was in, and that what in fact happened is that the leaders of the Kiddy Fiddlers club simply engineered the move of the lead photographer for the pedophile ring from Grammar to St Paul’s.


Take a look at this and tell me if you don’t share my view that the BGS Superannuation Scheme has deliberately been altered in order to allow Lynch to access his super, leave Grammar, and join his mate Gilbert at St Paul’s. The timing is just too sweet.

And guess what?

Grammar principal Max Howell retired the next year. He wouldn’t be there to protect his Freemason brother and pedophile successor to Clarence Henry Howard-Osborne any more. So they shifted him to the care of someone who would. Gilbert Case. Max Howell’s prodigy. He took over the protector role, and took Kevin under his wing.

They all pretended Lynch was taking early retirement.


He wasn’t.

They had already lined up the job at St Paul’s for him. They’d written the advertisement for the role especially for Skippy. He’d been for the interview weeks before he’d submitted his resignation from Grammar. Gilbert Case had clearly given him the wink and the nod.


The very same day Lynch’s resignation from Grammar was accepted Case appointed the ‘early retiree’ to the counselor role at St Paul’s.


The newly created counselor role, tailored specially for Skippy Lynch.

They even hooked the start date in the ad so that Kevin could delay his commencement in the new role and go and visit some friends of the pedophile Society of Friends overseas.


Once you understand the Skippy swap scam you will realise that it explains everything.

Now we know why Case was ringing Lynch at 8.30 on a Friday night to make sure that he hadn’t been raped by his former victim that Case knew he had at his home, don’t we?

Now we know why Case lied, and squirmed and did everything he could to cover up Lynch’s crimes. It’s all there in the Child Abuse Royal Commission records. Case lied, lied like f*ck and then lied some more.

We know why he gave Lynch a funeral at the school, even though he knew the police had him on toast, that he’d been charged and was going down.

Matt Foley (pictured below) gave a eulogy at the funeral.

Foley. The former and later Attorney-General of Queensland. Lynch’s mate. What did he know about his pedophile pal’s proclivities? He was once a student of Skippy’s, and was involved with him and other strange characters like Desmond Sanderson, aka kiddy fiddler Garth Kolter, in the Queensland Debating Union. The pair were clearly lifelong friends. Strange bedfellows aren’t they?


The Minister responsible for altering the Brisbane Grammar Superannuation Scheme must also have been in on the act, and have ticked off on this seemingly uncontroversial administrative change that was in reality worth a motza to the maladjusted Kevin Lynch. The Minister’s fellow cabinet members wouldn’t have looked twice at it. They were probably yawning or sleeping at the time.

Guess who he was?

Brian Austin.

I don’t have the cabinet documents, but Austin is the bloke in charge of super in educational institutions. This is him as recorded in Hansard speaking in parliament less than a fortnight before.


And guess who the Minister invited onto a panel to examine state funding just a few weeks later? Who else but Mr Gilbert Case himself.

This is an extract from the same St Paul’s Council minutes in which Case announced Austin’s appointment.


At the risk of telling what you already know Brian Austin is a self-serving and totally untrustworthy character who defected from the Liberal Party when promised a Ministerial role and the pot of mug punter-paid gold that went with it, and in the process of his defection handed the old crook Joh Bjelke-Petersen absolute power in the Queensland Parliament, which unfortunately for the Dutchman he only got to enjoy for a short spell until hubris, ambition and Tony Fitzgerald came a’knocking on door.

Brian Austin is also a convicted criminal, a fraudster who was jailed for tickling the public purse. When he faced court his charges someone in the DPP decided to split his charges in half, which handed him a free and totally undeserved get of jail quick card.

Austin pleaded guilty to the first lot of indictments – frauds totaling about $14k – on 30 Nov 1990 and copped 15 months in the can. He also pleaded guilty to the 2nd lot – about $7k – a fortnight later, but got no extra time, because the judge determined that he was remorseful. Who wouldn’t be bloody sorry if they had just copped a lag and their regret would save them another one I ask you?

Despite his 15 month head sentence though, the highly placed crook served just 3 weeks in jail. He was ostensibly in maximum at Moreton Correctional, but in reality he was in protection in the medical wing. It was just a holiday.

How do I know this?

Because after 3 weeks he was released into a halfway house at Paddington where he lived with 2 others. One was Don Lane, the other was a former armed robber who had contracted hepatitis and copped an early release. I know the bloke. I also know his little brother. He’s a current Queensland MP.

Small world hey?

The name of the man in charge of the Prison system at the time that Brian Austin copped his release into the halfway house after less than a month inside was Keith Hamburger AM (pictured below).


Guess who Keith Hamburger was?

Kevin Lynch’s neighbor from a few doors down the street.

I kid you not.

You wouldn’t read about it would you? But you just did.

Welcome to Queensland of the 1980’s, the magical place where nothing is ever as it seems, and all you can see when you are looking for the truth is smoke and mirrors.

Oh yeah, the fix was in alright.

The fix is always in.

Don’t you worry about that.