What are the odds of one of Queensland’s greatest serial child molesters living next door for decades to an Assistant Commissioner of Queensland Police in a sleepy suburban back street?

What are the odds of the next door neighbor not being the Assistant Commissioner of police that the recidivist pedophile was caught on a wire tap during a police sting boasting about being his protector, and the bloke who can arrange for prosecutions to be fixed by hooking the police prosecutions brief?

What are the odds of the senior public servant in charge of Queensland Prisons living just down the road?

What are the odds of the trio living just a few hundred meters from the site of one of Queensland’s most baffling murders, a motiveless crime for which many claim the wrong man was convicted?


What about the odds of the real murderer being suspected to be a corrupt police officer named Glen Hallahan, a member of the infamous Rat Pack who had a long association with the Assistant Commissioner living next door to the pedophile, and just down the road from the prison chief?

Or the odds that only parkland separates their homes and the murder site, and that it is simply an easy hop, skip and jump down a pathway and across a small creek to get to the spot from which the gunman who pulled the trigger in the murder was hiding when he performed the evil deed, and then disappeared without a trace into the misty morning?

You could dead set write your own ticket and make up any price you wish couldn’t you?

In fact, you would scarcely believe that such an amazing coincidence could possibly be true, and you’d be saying out loud to your hubby ‘Archie’s making this up as he goes’.

But it is. And I’m not.


Robert Keith Hamburger is better known to one and all as Keith.

Between 1988 and 1997 he was the Director-General of Queensland’s Department of Corrective Services. In other words, he ran all of the prisons in the Sunshine State.

For decades Keith and his missus Janeen lived at number 21 Conifer Street.


Gregory Lance Early was for 11 years the personal assistant to deeply corrupt Queensland Police Commissioner and later convict Terry Lewis.

Prior to that he had been the assistant to Commissioner Frank Bischof, the man who set up the Juvenile Aid Bureau, staffed by some officers who at the Commissioner’s instigation – and using the threat of charges, future career-destroying convictions, and potential incarceration against the young people sent to the bureau by headmasters such as Brisbane Grammar’s Max Howell – supplied young boys and girls to those sickos in our society who have a taste for sex with innocent youths.

The clientele almost certainly included the Commissioner himself.



In 1994, after acting in the role for nearly 2 years, Early became Assistant Commissioner of the Qld Police Force. As you can see above, he had to survive a court challenge from the head of the CJC and the Fitzgerald Inquiry Special prosecutor – who believed him to be corrupt – in order to assume the role, which he held in various regions until his retirement from the force in January 1999, just over a year after his long-time neighbor Lynch committed suicide after being charged with multiple child-sex offenses.

Greg Early is today the head of the Retired Police Association, and remains a figure of influence within the Queensland Police Service.

He and his wife Rubena lived for decades at number 44 Conifer Street.

Rubena Early passed away last year. Her funeral was held in the church directly opposite once-jailed pedophile policeman David ‘Constable Dave’ Moore’s Video to DVD Copy Centre, where he was arrested a few years ago for possessing a vile child pornography film featuring footage of young boys, likely from St Paul’s, cavorting naked in the water, spliced with footage of adult men masturbating.

It is not known whether Moore, who despite his raft of previous convictions inexplicably received just a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket when he plead guilty to the child porn charge, popped across the road to pay his respects.


Kevin John Lynch was of course simply a c*nt.

A lifelong pervert, a pedophile who preyed upon the troubled students that he was paid to counsel and protect.

He and his wife Margot lived for decades at number 42 Conifer Street.

He is presently resident in Hell. They tell me it’s pretty warm there.


A conifer, also known as Pinophyta, is a gymnosperm, cone bearing, woody plant with secondary growth.

I’m sure that you are not surprised.