The following extracts are taken directly from the booklet handed out at funeral service of the arch-pedophile Kevin Lynch that was conducted in the St Paul’s School chapel at Bald Hills in January 1998.

That the Headmaster of the School – Lynch’s mate, and I say fellow member of a sordid Brisbane pedophile ring, Gilbert Case – facilitated a funeral on the school grounds for a man who died by his own hand after being charged with child sex offences that he was without any doubt good for, by his own admission as captured on a police surveillance tape, is an absolute travesty and a disgrace.

But that boys who had been victims of Lynch – including at the very least two that Case knew full well about – were made to attend the funeral and listen to the criminal who attacked them being lauded by one and all is nothing but a tragedy.

The errant lies and nonsense I am about to reproduce from the funeral booklet would be almost funny if the contradictions between what was said about the stone cold corpse of Lynch, and what he did when he was a stone cold living monster, were not simply so bloody horrific.

A pox on all the housed of those involved in this disgrace of a farewell. The truth is that Kevin Lynch’s soul had been slit into a million pieces and fed to the cannibalistic maggots in hell long before his rotten corpse ever entered a shallow grave.

If there truly is a God may he or she help heal these poor innocent men who once were children and served as unsuspecting vassals to Lynch’s evil lust.