The Acting CEO of the Walkleys is an Executive – but is she is a journalist?
G’day Luv

Archie Butterfly here, MEAA member number 4004618 reporting for duty.

Just a quick and easy question in regard to the Boss, our Walkley Foundation CEO Jacqui Park.

I understand J-P’s on a fellowship at Stanford at present, and has been for the past 8 months or so. My query is simply this – is she copping her pay from the Foundation at the same time, or has she taken leave without pay to live on the USD $65K plus that the fellowship pays?

There is no breach of the Privacy Act or any other piece of legislation preventing an answer to the question, and in fact as a member with a financial interest in the matter per my union’s interest free and unsecured loan to the Foundation I reckon I’m due and owing a Yes/No answer, and look forward to receiving same, as do the many hundreds of our media colleagues who live vicariously through my devil may care approach and are hanging on like grim death waiting to discover if the light is red or green.

It’s a lovely name Bridie. The bird in the bottleshop at the Bunger sports it too, and she tips me a winner most weekends.

Flick me the late mail on J-Park as soon as you get the chance will you please darl.



Dear Mr Sheehan, 

Thank you for your interest in the Walkley Foundation. The Foundation’s CEO salary is reported in the annual accounts of The Walkleys and available on our website.  

Ms Park’s fellowship at Stanford University in the area of journalism innovation has been a wonderful opportunity for the Walkleys and we are very much looking forward to her return and applying new skills and learnings in her leadership capacity to assist the Foundation develop programs that will work to future proofing Australian journalism.


 Louisa Graham

Acting CEO

General Manager

Walkley Foundation


Dear Bridie

1. My name is not Mr Sheehan and has not been for some time. I did not write to you under that name and did not ask you to reply to me by it, for just as Muhammad Ali regards Cassius Clay as his slave name, I regard Sheehan as my child abuse victim name, and I do not like it at all. Note to self – if you want to play the smart-arse then you really should consider the impact on others before you do it, because being molested as a kid is simply not funny, and if you want me to explain why I happy to do so my describing the rapes blow by blow, event by event if that will assist you to gain some insight into the extreme offence that you have just caused to a member of a union who contributes toward paying your salary.

2. Where did you drag the name Sheehan from anyway? You have been looking at my MEAA membership record haven’t you? Oops, what’s that big, thick black and white thing called? Oh, the Privacy Act, that’s it! I do believe that there is a section inside it that provides for aggrieved persons whose privacy has been invaded to complain about the invader. I shall be doing so unless you issue me an absolute undertaking in writing that declares that I am mistaken, and that you have done no such thing.

3. Your most recent annual accounts are, as you well know, from the 2014/2015 financial year, and are not relevant to the question that I have asked you, as the CEO did not commence her fellowship until after the period covered by the accounts. There is no answer to my question contained on your – my, our, remember you work for a not-for-profit member driven organisation Bridie – website, and so I ask it again, and will pose it in very simple terms so that you may reply in no more than 3 letters, YES or NO.

As to the non-requested spin about the positive benefits of the fellowship I merely say that the proof will certainly be in the pudding. And perhaps in Chris Warren’s first book when it hits the bargain bins, for I do believe that the fellowship grant is paying for his overseas jaunt too, in part at least.

It may surprise you to learn that my website is widely read by members of the media industry, and by journalists and producers in particular. I know that many of them are interested in your answer to my question as well, so I look forward to you providing it.

I would use the salutation ‘Regards’ but Mum always taught me never to lie, and would wash my mouth out with soap if I did.

So it is simply,


PS My apologies, it should have read Dear Louisa. I retract any references to the name Bridie and replace them with your own name, Louisa