Dear Archie sincerely apologise for any offence and incorrectly addressing you it was not at all intentional.  

I am currently out of the office – any response I provide you will need to be approved by Jacqui Park, this may take some time to turn around.


Louisa Graham

General Manager

Walkley Foundation

Dear Louisa

Thank you for your apology. It is accepted, particularly now that I know you are but the fall gal.

But I don’t understand. Why does Jacqui Park need to approve any reply? I mean, surely she is on leave without pay from her job while she is undertaking her fellowship and absent from the office for three months on a stipend of 60 grand plus, and you are acting in the role. Surely.

We have just been through a Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance you know, and there is a Federal Election coming up and union-bashing is the coalition’s main policy theme. Surely no one would be so silly as to  ………………..


They wouldn’t be, would they?

I look forward to the authorised reply.

Have a great weekend.