Um, well, here are some suggestions


Stop stacking your board 100% with members from the old media. Duh!



Stop copping the coin from your ‘partners’ in the old media, who are in fact really just the pipers who pay you to play the tune


Stop pretending that new media protagonists are mere ‘bloggers’, with all the negative connotations that come with the tag, and stop patronising them with your bullsh*t spin, particularly when the spin is simply self-incriminating and flashes a red light at any half-talented freelancer who has just had a red rag waved in front of his or her face.


Stop pleading for innovation and start reading some of the work output of the new media. You may be amazed at what you find. Innovation for example. Storytelling. Grabs. All that jazz that some call classical journalism, but others like yourself appear to view as groundbreaking.


Give MEAA back their near million bucks in interest free loans that keep your dud outfit afloat – some of us are old enough when the union used to organise and run the Walkleys all on their own, don’t you worry about that, and some of us had partners who used to do the organising – cut the apron strings and stand on your own two feet, if you can.

The union is naturally interested in its members employed in bulk in the majors, and not in individual, self-published new media content creators (aka writers) who are extremely difficult to organise. You are serving two masters, and that ain’t healthy.

They are my suggestions, not of course I suspect that you really want any answers, for my gut tells me that the question was merely rhetorical.

After all, you have to justify all-expenses paid junkets at the members expense somehow don’t you CEO?

Luv n Cuddles


PS – does CEO really stand for Commandant Expense Obfuscater?