During the Royal Commission Case Study 34 hearings into Brisbane Boys Grammar School (BGS) the name Joan Lawrence, Psychiatrist just kept coming up.

Lawrence was clearly Grammar’s preferred psychiatrist, and the school referred child-sex abuse victim after victim to the doctor for assessment of the circumstances and impact of their abuse, and funnily enough those in charge of the compensation payment negotiations on the school side of the table often seemed to know far more about the victims personal story than they should have, based on what the victim or their solicitor had told or given the Grammar team, and what they had before them.

In fact, this happened so often that more than a few victims began to cry foul, and suggested that perhaps there was some hitherto undisclosed connection between Dr Lawrence and members of the Grammar management team, or perhaps even between the good doctor and a member or three of the school’s Board of Trustees.

The suggestion was in fact so strong that Counsel Assisting the Commissioners, David Lloyd, asked the question of Grammar’s Board of Trustees Chairman Howard Stack (pictured at top), and as I reported live in the story below Mr Stack denied both that there was any connection between Dr Lawrence and any member of the board of trustees of the school, or that Dr Lawrence leaked the pipers paying her to play her tunes any information about the former schoolboys turned traumatised victims that she had examined.


But was Stack telling the truth, or was he lying?

Was he abiding by the oath he took as he entered the box to be totally fulsome and forthcoming about all and any information within his knowledge and/or contemplation, or did he commit perjury as a witness at a Royal Commission?

These are big questions to ask, especially when they are being asked about a senior member of the Brisbane legal fraternity, and whilst I make no suggestion whatsoever that Mr Stack told anything but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, there is a reason that I am asking the questions.

That reason is that Howard Stack did not disclose to the Royal Commissioners or to their Counsel assisting them that he himself in fact owns a number of suites in Watkins Medical Centre at 225 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill, which is one and the same building where a certain mental health professional named Dr Joan Lawrence conducts her psychiatric practice populated by victims sent to her by Stack and his boys on the BGS board.


Now why Stack did not tell the Royal Commission that he personally owns a number of units in Watkins Medical Centre I do not know, just as I do not know whether Dr Lawrence practices from one of the suites that Stack owns, so of course I do not make any such claim of absolute craven dishonesty under oath against Mr Stack.

But he does indeed own a few, and they are listed below.


So you can’t blame me for asking the question can you?

I mean, it wouldn’t have taken much for Howie to have answered the question ‘Were you aware at any time of a connection between Dr Lawrence and any trustees of that period?’ with the answer ‘Well no, but I did own a bunch of suites in the building that she practiced her psychiatry from’ would it sportsfans?

Why then didn’t Howie give such an open answer?



Or something else altogether different again?

The Geebung radar is flashing bright red, don’t you worry about that.