Well, well, well, well, well.

Look who’s a f*cking mug hey?

For weeks I’ve been on the tail of a bird named Jumping Jacqui Park, the entirely under-worked CEO of a supposedly eminent outfit named the Walkleys Foundation, which is in reality nothing but an outsourced arm of the one proud and mighty union the Australian Journalist’s Association – now the moribund and withering rapidly on the vine Media, Entertainment, Arts and Any bastard who will amalgamate with us union (MEAA) – that was set up as an independent entity by Jumping Jac’s hubby Chris so that she could earn a crust and the pair could drive flash cars and send the kids to private schools.

Jumping Jac’s been living up to her nickname and jumping all over the place, evading poor old Archie’s innocent and heartfelt inquiries about his hard-earned like the simple ‘are you double dipping darling?’ question was a poisonous dart.

She and her praetorian guard tried bluff, they tried smart-arse abuse, they spat in the eye of the Privacy Act and plunged hands first into yours truly’s union records, and you know what it all achieved Sportsfans?

Sweet bugger all and a flashing red light accompanied by a blaring alarm screaming ‘We’re not answering your questions arsehole because you have us bang to rights!’

After all, if Jumping Jac wasn’t doing a Kathy Jackson and copping her full whack CEO’s salary plus a 2 grand a week stipend on top while she wasn’t actually working as CEO and someone was acting in her role she’s simply say so wouldn’t she?

How hard would it be?

‘Archie, you’re a good bloke but you’re a goddamn loon. Of course I haven’t got my hands in both cookie jars. You’re totally on the wrong track son’.

That’s what an innocent person would answer. But not Jumping Jac. In fact she won’t put her name to an answer at all, or even acknowledge the union member asking the question, despite her handmaiden telling the world to hear that all correspondence from the eminent T.W. Foundation esquire must be approved by the boss, who apparently despite her absence and the handmaiden’s title of ‘Acting CEO’ is still the sheila sunning herself next to her hubby on Venice Beach.

She thinks she’s smart does Jumping Jac, and that Archie’s simply a f*cking idiot, and it is evidenced by her ridiculous anonymous reply to my in-the-public-interest question about the expenditure of a registered charity’s funds.

But lots of people have thought that they were smarter than old Archie, and lots of people have been wrong. It’s a common mistake that the prejudiced make, thinking that because a mug punter’s got a mental illness he’s a f*cking moron, and Jumping Jac’s made it too by furiously denying that the Walkley Foundation owes the media union a bloody cracker, and laying the inference for all to read and see that T.W. Foundation is totally independent of M.E.AA and doesn’t have a thing to do with the b*stard.

But Jumping Jac didn’t proofread her work did she? Opps. Who’s got egg all over their California sun-tanned face sportsfans?

And who has a whole lot of questions still to answer?


The Walkley Foundation is a registered not for profit company limited by guarantee.

Conditions of employment of all staff are governed by a range of instruments including the Privacy Act. Although there is no obligation to do so, Ms Park reports payments made to her in the foundation’s annual report each year. The Foundation agrees that this is an appropriate level of transparency.

In terms of your comments on the accounts of the Foundation and of MEAA, I can advise that the Walkleys does not — and has not at any stage — owed moneys to MEAA. If you have queries about the MEAA accounts you should direct them to the MEAA CEO.

Yours sincerely,

The Walkley Foundation