Kate Ellis says that there is nothing more important to a child’s early childhood education than the educator that stands before them.

In some kids cases though it’s the educator that stands behind them, and f*cks them in the arse while they watch Sesame Street. Or the educator that teaches them that love is being raped and then kissed and told that they are special, while all the other potential educators turn their heads and look the other way, and thus reinforce the educational message being delivered.

Kate doesn’t know sh*t from clay.

The most important thing to a child’s early education isn’t the low paid worker who babysits them at the private day care centre that their parents are forced to dump them in so that they can slave all day to pay the rent and the bills and put food on the table and – shock, horror – pay the exorbitant childcare fees so that they can do so.

It’s having parents who have the time and the inclination to love, nurture, care for and protect them. That’s the most important thing to a child’s early childhood education (and isn’t early childhood education for a child somewhat of an oxymoron anyway?)

Kate’s going to fix it though. She’s going to save the children.

Oh yeah, Kate and Puffing Billy – the right-wing SDA aligned career politicians pocketing 5 grand a week who sold out minimum wage retail workers and forced them to send their kids to childcare centres so that they could scratch a living barely above the poverty line that pays them less in a month than their saviors earn in a week – are going to make sure our 3 and 4 year olds are educated right damn good Gertrude.

Cos they are going to pluck 150 million uncosted spondoolies out of thin air and professionally develop the kids who look after our kids while we’re slaving away f0r the man, and they are even gunna make a submission to Fair Work Australia – yes Ladies and Gentleman, a goddamn submission, now that’s living on the edge – to say hey Commissioner these suckers should be paid better. Well maybe, anyway.

And in return they are gunna buy slavish support from the left wing United Voice union – whose officials only earn double or triple or a bit more than the super important children’s early childhood educators, with a car and a phone and an iPod thrown in – and suddenly all the union organisers who should be bashing the boss’s for better wages for the educators will be standing on the side of the road waving placards and knocking on doors telling the voting punters that kids come first.

And all the while the kids whose educators like to f*ck them in the arse will continue to f*ck them in the arse, and the world will continue to spin on its strange axis, and the only thing that will change are the hands on the clock that go tick, tick, tick as the little children continue to learn that the world is a big, bad place and that there is no-one that can save them, not even pretty girls with big mouths like Kate.

Vote 1 Labor.

After all, what f*cking choice do you really have?