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Serial Labor preselection candidate Andrew McMicking, the self-proclaimed Trivia King, is at it again. After at least 3 failed attempts win ALP selection as a candidate in elections – in the State seat of Ferny Grove, the Federal seat of Ryan, and the Council ward of Enoggera – the drinking buddy of former Liberal MP and crazed religious fundamentalist Dale Shuttleworth is back for another crack.

Yes that’s right folks, the mauve-shirted optimistic oddball with the nipples showing in the picture above (it must have been a cold day) is back, and we’re sure to hear him bleating from the rooftops once more when the party power brokers send him the obligatory greeting card signed “Thanks, but no thanks”.

After all, when you publicly slag off the party, the union affiliates, and the Kingmaker; you’re hardly laying the ground for friendship, love and the ALP Electoral College vote are you? What is it exactly about the term building bridges that McMicking finds so hard to understand?


Take the Twitter post of his above. Totally gratuitous, totally uninvited, and totally bloody stupid. Taking a shot at a union leader because he is willing to work with both sides of politics in the best interests of his members? What would McMicking rather the Kingmaker do – tell the party of power to f*ck off just because the Trivia King (or should that be Queen in this gender-fluid world?) doesn’t like it, and stand and watch while his members jobs are contracted out?

It’s a bit rich isn’t it, particularly coming from a bloke who’s hopped across very faction inside the ALP, and who hangs out at public events with his mates the far-right wingers from Campbell’s drop-kicked crew (below).


And let’s not forget his disgraceful abuse of a dead person, when he called radio and TV presenter Paul Murray’s baby son Leo, who had died after complications in childbirth, a ‘grub’. The serial selection seeking scumbag lied and blamed an unnamed friend for ‘stealing his phone’ and posting the tweet, after Murray made criticisms of McMicking’s here, the recently deceased Gough Whitlam; but his knee-jerk, brainless, dummy-spit response to someone who has upset him is totally consistent with the behavior he has exhibited over a number of years, and demonstrated above.

There’s always a tendency to feel a touch of sympathy for a bloke who gets knocked down so many times but gets up to have another crack, but the power brokers in the ALP should remember that it’s always the beaten, bitter dog who comes back to bite you. And a bloke who calls dead babies grubs isn’t worthy of going to an election wearing a badge that bears the proud Labor name.

Andrew McMicking for Enoggera?

Just say no.