Sonia Kruger, who’s famous for something, probably her bleached blonde hair and her fake tits, is today the most talked about person in the wide brown land, and in her 5 minutes of fame has demonstrated herself to be almost certainly the most stupid, Pauline Hanson and her merry band of misanthropes notwithstanding.

The mainstream media are in a spin about Kruger’s – or should that be Cruder’s – assault on Muslim immigration, but what few are talking about, but should be, is the vapid former dancer’s incredible ignorance of history and world events that is highlighted by her startling, and completely incorrect, claim that  ….

there were no terrorist attacks in Japan, which “has a population of 174 million” (the country’s population is nearly 50 million less at around 126 million) because there were only 100,000 Muslims.

No terrorist attacks in Japan? Is this idiot f*cking serious?

Ever heard of the A-Bomb sweetheart? Hiroshima? Or Nagasaki?

The sprog, my sixteen year old daughter and our future Prime Minister, visited Hiroshima just a fortnight ago, and let her tell you if not me that it was the site of one of the greatest terrorist attacks in the history of mankind, incinerating and instantly obliterating 80 000 people, the vast majority innocent civilians – women, children, pensioners, invalids – you name it Enola Gay killed it.

Terror. Pure, unadulterated terror. But hey, the bomb was dropped by white folk from a nominally christian country, although if anyone truly believes that the American nation follows in the footsteps of Christ then they either haven’t read the gospels or their name is Sonia Kruger, and don’t you worry about that.

But hey, let’s just pretend for a moment that the mass killings of innocents was a legitimate act of war rather than the vengeful atrocity that it really was, and remember the death cult Aum Shinrikyo which perpetrated the infamous 1995 sarin attacks in the Tokyo subway that killed 13 people and injured at least another 1000.

No terrorist attacks in Japan?

Of course not.

And Sonia Kruger’s about to be announced as the next Secretary-General of the United Nations.