child abuse.png

Well, well, well.

Or should that be Del, Del, Del?

Isn’t it one for the books that a snot-nosed private school lad from the bastion of bastardy, bestiality and bright-eyed boy abuse – aka Anglican Church Grammar School, or Churchie, one of Brisbane’s elite babysitting and nepotism imbuing establishments – has pledged to set things straight and remove the ridiculous, unjust and absolutely oppressive legislative statute of limitations that prevent child abuse victims from seeking compensation for the crimes committed against them, while the State Minister responsible for Child Safety – the childless bint who recently granted an audience to abused kids turned adults, and all but made them believe in Santa Claus – is living it up across the NSW border soaking in the sounds of static noise makers named Stick Fingers, Boy and Bear, Gang of Youths and the Strokes.

And all the while young kids are being raped, bashed and killed as our seemingly hapless government wrings its hands and is powerless to stop the carnage, and the Minister in charge of the disaster is swanning around in cowboy gear grooving with the stoners in the grass.

F*cking delightful isn’t it?

We warned you early about ‘Del’ Shannon Fentiman and vacuous approach to politics, and as usual we weren’t wrong. The only question now is did she get the ministerial driver to drop her and her lobbyist husband Dave off at Splendour or did she catch the bus? And if the latter, then who paid?

Hope you enjoyed The Avalanches young Del, cos our guess is that soon an avalanche will be coming your way.  One can only hope that you know The Cure.