George ‘George, George of the Jungle’ Christensen is a fat f*ck, happy clapping halfwit of a cane farmer’s son who would be far better advised to hit the gym and the diet drinks than he would be to comment on national affairs about which he has so little idea that it makes both his brain and his dick look big, which takes some doing, don’t you worry about that.

The right-wing retard – who is a walking heart attack job, which is somewhat ironic given the dichotomy between his hatred of ‘big’ government and the fact that treating the obesity epidemic costs the taxpayer 21 thousand million dollars a year – reckons that c*nts on on Newstart and those under 45 should be cut off the dole after 6 months of crawling on their hands and knees begging some cane cocky to give them a job rather than employing Burmese immigrants on ABN’s through a dodgy labor hire company and paying them a pound of sugar an hour for the privilege of serving their master.

Now the basic idiocy of  George, George, George of the Jungle’s chest beating nonsence is blindingly apparent even to the devout Pauline Hanson voter, for if unemployed folk in the Mackay region were to be rendered absolutely destitute rather than simply dirt poor after 26 weeks of pleading to be engaged as a serf it would suddenly be on for young and old, for who is more desperate than a starving person, and what the f*ck would they not do sate their hunger, including devouring the fattest f*cker they could lay their hands on, and that would be the end of George, George, George of the Jungle and if you don’t believe me then clearly like lard boy you haven’t read the Lord of the Flies.


But set that aside for a second, and instead try to dissect the lunatic’s crazed hypothesis that ‘those on Newstart’ and ‘those under 45’ have gotta be chopped off the dole, henceforth and forthwith, for it tells you all you need to know about the buffoon who said it, and at the same time makes you wonder what the f*ck this fat-necked, wombat headed, big bellied Beppo is doing in the big house down in Canberra purporting to represent mug punters when he is nothing but a mug extraordinaire himself.

Here’s the rub you see sportsfans – anyone under 45 who is unemployed and short of quid is automatically on the rock and roll (the dole) and is thus in receipt of Newstart Allowance, cos there ain’t no other form of rock and roll unless your youngest tin lid is 8 years old or younger and you’re a single parent.

As such, those on Newstart and those on the rock and roll are one and the same person unless they are a single Mum, so George, George, George of the Jungle’s treatise is absolutely nonsensical, unless of course his intention is to boot sheila’s with little nippers on to the streets without a baked bean to their name, and if that’s the fat man’s game then I reckon he is fair game, and let the games begin, for since when did the land of the fair go become the land of kicking those down on their luck in the guts and then booting them in the head just for sport and good measure?

Never, that’s when.

George Christensen is simply a c*nt.