Nine days before we celebrated Christ’s alleged birth last year I told you sportsfans that all the hoopla and hot air around George ‘Pedo’ Pell’s dicky ticker was simply spin and shite, and that the real reason he wouldn’t be walking through the customs gate of the sunburnt country was because a pair of shackles and and chain were going to be whacked on him before he could take his second step.

I gave you the drum (above) about how, unbeknown other than to those in the know – like yours truly – the kiddy-fiddling Cardinal was cowering behind the Vatican walls with a bunch of other sick child-sex criminals hiding from justice and a reserved concrete pew in the protection section of a prison.


A couple of weeks ago I followed up with the article above, in which I laid out plain Pedo’s Pell’s future should he board a plane back to the promised land, and spelled out the future for the arrogant pre-pubescent-arse loving areshole in the unlikely event that he in fact did climb aborde the Concorde clasping his crucifix and his cursed cock.

As usual the bright young things from the mainstream media couldn’t piece the puzzle together, so they dreamed up some fantasy that either poor old Georgie Porgy was too sick to travel – the first two words were right – or that he was afraid to face his accusers and thus refused to return to stare the sexually-abused in the eye.

A pile of piffle it was, absolute horsesh*t, and now – after Archie’s articles prompted the parrots of the press to start asking the PR unit at Police HQ the right questions – the truth finally comes out. Well to the ignorant folk that don’t read that is, because you my dear punters have known the real go for months.

Police suspect that Pell is a pedophile.

Well they don’t just suspect, they know, and so does the Pope who calls himself Francis but is simply another cover-up clown called Jorge. And not a gorgeous one either.


The Vatican spin doctors are whirling like dervishes, doing all they can to turn the terrible truth into an anti-catholic conspiracy theory, and you just watch the Opus Dei sleepers in the Mainstream Media like Miranda Devine, Tess Livingstone and the like go rabid over the coming days and weeks.

Rupert Murdoch’s mouthpiece, the mediocre mealy-mouthed Andrew Bolt, has already begun the charge, but it’s all too late, because the deeply hidden secret’s out and an unstoppable force has been set in motion.

And Archie told you first.

So when you read some of the things I write about all manner of things criminal over the months to come, and turn to your beloved or perhaps the young boy in your bed, and say ‘This Butterfly blokes a f*ckin loon, and off his head’, just remember that although you are absolutely correct in the strict clinical sense, some things are stranger than fiction, and that mad bastard you’re reading just so happens to have this strange knack of knowing the truth before it’s been otherwise told, and of being smack, bang right.

That’s all I have to say on the matter.

Other than to tell you that Kevvie’s crew are standing behind me at the Bunger as I make this pronouncement, and their body language tells you everything you ever need to know.

So don’t you worry about that.