Well sportsfans as much as it pains me, it is my melancholy duty to declare that the union movement is absolutely, utterly and officially dead. By its own hand. The cloth-capped basta*rds have over-reached, and they’ve stepped across the line, and it’s all over red rover, and don’t you worry about that.

The imbeciles. They tried to get a wage increase for workers.

How f*cking dare they? What do they think this is? Bush week?

Nah, if it was then every pr*ck in a hard hat would have her or his hand out for a drought subsidy, or a sugar cane tariff, or an ethanol tax deduction, or for some bloody thing or other than the rich landed gentry always land at the poor working class bugger’s expense.

You don’t see many farmers climbing exposed ladders twenty stories up a construction site do you? Or venture capitalists? Or politicians? Or, when you come to think of it, Courier-Mail journalists either.

Nah, the chattering class don’t put their bodies on the line each day to build the infrastructure that makes our Pineapple State great. Only the plebs do that sort of sh*t.

Which is why they need unions. Effective unions, like the CFMEU. Unions that are prepared to throw caution to the wind and say that all the working person has is their labor, and that the only effective weapon in the battle for a bigger piece of the pie is its withdrawal.

Strange that.

Somebody bring me some water, cos they don’t have any on my non-unionised site. And the boss says that if we ask for a sip she’ll sack us.

Bloody unions.

It’s all their fault.