For the love of pizza!

When is some bastard gunna stop these soft-gutted, under-educated union boss buffoons taking pin balls and tennis balls, and golden balls and poke balls, and bowling balls and ultimately bloody wrecking balls to to the economy, and forcing good blokes like my mates who used to run James Hardie to knowingly import sh*t like asbestos that’s gunna kill birds and blokes residing in the Wide Brown Land faster than the stuttering rifles rapid rattle delivered from a Nazi Hun’s Tommy Gun in some pox-ridden hole named Turkey.

F*ck me dead if I’m alive, these poor fellas running building material outfits on behalf of Mr Ho Lim and his partners in Guangdong Province need to make a living don’t they, just like you and me, and if they happen to hit the odd KPI jackpot or three by coming in under budget by diverting the spend to bulk orders of poisonous walls and roofs and doors and floors and whatnot from Mr Shamiyorlangsandiwilturnemblak Singh in the Punjab State, well that’s just his god-damned good luck isn’t it, and anyway, $5.2 million mansion sales in Mermaid Waters are far-gone fantastic for the economy cos Campbell said so, and you can mark his words, particularly if you have a black pen.

So when these bandy-legged bandicoots from the union movement start blocking the path of our nation’s growth it’s  nothing but a terrorist act, and I’m ringing the National Hotline, ‘cos it’s no coincidence and trust me, these yard-glass swilling yobbos are nothing but Commos with a 10 year plan to take over the world, sieze the means of production and redistribute the wealth to the undeserving poor from places like Wangaratta, Woy Woy and Wavell Heights.

The bastards have gotta be stopped. We need – nay demand! – a safe Australia, a sunburnt country free of asbestos, and black bloody lung disease,  and preventable workplace deaths and injuries, and all that other jukebox jazz that features prominently in the OH&S manual.

And the only way to achieve it is via the high road.

Unbridled self-interest.

The free market.


It’s worked before, and it will work again, and it will work forevermore. Or at least for as long as two H’s and an O spell water, and we still have an ozone layer.

And don’t you worry about that.