Dear Deluded

Please be advised that a defence to the craven action filed on behalf of your imbecile of a client has been lodged, and will be served upon you as soon as the stamped self-addressed envelope containing the said document is received at my hearth and home.

To save you waiting though I’ll ask the publisher of itsnotnormalisit.com if they would be kind enough to post it online for your viewing pleasure, but you’ll have to wait until the boss gets home from school in Los Angeles for this to occur. You can look up the time difference yourself if you’re interested. I personally can’t be f*cking bothered.

Now Huddo, far be it from me to criticise a cunt who slags off the fathers of dead children, but I feel compelled to inform you that this is one of the most moronic civil actions that has ever been commenced in the whole long and tortured history of mankind, and in my humble opinion ranks second in the annals of stupidity only to the libel suit that Oscar Wilde launched against his lover Bertie’s old man.

Dead set, if you have provided advice to your client that he even the slightest prospect of success in this matter then you are living in some parallel universe inhabited only by idiots, and in the interest of protecting innocent punters from usury you deserve to be disbarred immediately, although in the interests of the judicial process we might have to wait until after you and your client are metaphorically publicly bound, tarred and feathered for the abject idiocy of your decision to take on the Butterfly in a field of law in which he is without any shadow of a doubt far more expert than a fool like you.

One would think that you might have learnt from your last catastrophe mate, but on the scant evidence presently before the right-thinking mug punter it would seem seem that self-reflection and well-reasoned analysis are not tools that either you or your client have ever carried in your swag. As such, consider yourself hoist on your own egotistical and myopically self-absorbed petard egg-boy.

Now, without any further ado, let the games begin!

Ha, ha, ha – you bloody idiot. You have no idea of the immense dimensions of the beast that you have just unleashed. And that’s because you’re simply naught but a guileless goose and a glad-handling galah.

So I guess that I’ll simply see you in court senor.

But in the meantime Maestro, please do your best to try and prevent your crazy fuck of a client from sledging little kids who have been stolen from their parents well before their time. This type of terrible behavior simply upsets people, particularly those who have tragically lost their child, and carrying on in this manner is both un-Australian and an absolute downright bloody disgrace.

Show some decorum the pair of you. And grow some brains and develop some common bloody decency.

You both should be wholly ashamed of yourselves.

100% Without Regards