How f*cking funny is it that the pair of galahs who have launched the world’s most unwinnable defamation case against a writer on this site can’t even get their sh*t together well enough to correctly lodge a statement of claim explaining their hopeless case.


I refer here of course to Andrew McMicking (above), the multiply failed ALP preselection candidate who finds abusing dead infants and their parents amusing, and his ‘My Office is My Home Even Though It Is Owned By My Missus’ legal tyro Paul Hudson (below), a bloke who a civil court found had assaulted an elderly woman before going the bash on her again by  attempting to sue her for defamation in a case that failed so badly that the presiding Judge all but inferred that he should have copped a criminal conviction for his psycho attack on the poor innocent bird.


This duet of deluded fools have of course as we disclosed on 15 August sportsfans launched a claim against one of our writers for penning an article that was so spot on that it would have pinned the tail exactly on the donkey’s arse. Or at least Hudson has launched it, acting for McMicking upon his instruction, who presumably gave the order based on his oddball advocate’s advice.


Even Jackass’s have a better aim that this pair of pie-in-the-sky lawsuit-launching arseholes

Shaking in our boots we were when by a circuitous route the claim arrived, and so confident of the accuracy of our published piece that just to show that we didn’t give a Friar Tuck we republished it within 48 hours of learning of the pernicious pair’s plainly implausible plaint – just because we could – but more importantly to show other non-mainstream  media publishers that if you know your stuff and check your facts you shouldn’t feel threatened by merit-less legal actions launched by wannabe wankers who don’t like it when the truth about their unconscionable and completely un-Australian conduct is told.

Both of these c*nts are going to come to regret their folly, don’t you worry about that, but the pair of plaint-serving pricks have backed themselves into a corner and I can promise you 1000% that we are going to keep throwing the punches until we pummel the pr*cks senseless, so if they want to back down then they shall evermore be known for the dead child-bashing, woman whacking doubles team that they respectively are.

To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, don’t wrestle with a pig weirdo’s. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

Oink, oink.