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Everyone’s favourite hypocritical Tub-thumping Catholic Tom Cranitch – the ‘man’ who can’t bring himself to dislodge his lard arse from the lounge long enough to drive a kilometer or two down the road to care for his poor old Mum – is despite his lack of scruples an avowed advocate of the merits of the saintly Marist Brothers.

It’s no surprise, given that the Tub-thumper spent his formative years at the school, and later became a boarding master under the tutelage of crusading child-sex stamping out luminaries of the order such as Brother Terence Heinrich, the Headmaster of the school in during the years that the Tub-Thumper presided as a live-in boarding master at Ashgrove.


He was a good man, a great man, a giant of a man that Brother Terence.

So great that they named the boarding house over which the Tub-Thumper once presided after the blessed brother, the mate and protector of his contemporary Brother Kostka, another cracker of a cove much beloved by the kiddies.