I never thought I’d use that expression in print, being somewhat past 2 score of my three and ten years and closing in on the score. I never thought I’d feel young and free and see the whole world in front of me in my fifth decade on earth either.

But I just have.

You can too.

The Get Down is the modern day miracle of Lourdes water, and it’s the lovechild of a highly decorated but equally much-maligned Aussie film maker who until tonight I thought was a wanker.

It is my great honor to scream out loud that I was wrong.

Baz Luhrmann is an absolute genius, and The Get Down is his Magnus Opus, or at least the summit so far in this Jesus of the cinematic world’s sensational journey.

If you thought Simply Ballroom or Romeo and Juliet or Moulin Rouge or even The Great Gatsby – puh-lease, even if you’re as gifted as Archie you should never try to make a movie out of the perfect novel – were fantastic, then b-b-b-baby you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Grab yourself a brew, pinch the kid’s Xbox, and bribe them with a bucket of chocolate ice cream to program it for you to spend tomorrow night the first few episodes of Get On Down tomorrow night sportsfans as you while away the evening hours waiting for the Boomers to send Serbia to Siberia.

No matter how hard you find this to believe right now, I guarantee that even if you love basketball as much as the Butterfly, you’ll find yourself tomorrow morning taping the Tie Me Kangaroo Down Yugo tussle ‘cos you’re transfixed on the screen, bewitched by the brilliance of Baz the Boomer’s gold-medal glory masterpiece.

First we take the Crimean, and then we batter the Septic’s tanks in.

Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi!

Dream Team, Tarantino – Runners Up Boys!