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The magnitude 5.8 earthquake recorded off the coast of the tropical Queensland town of Bowen today is all over the news at the moment, and the so-called experts are all ducking explaining what the hell’s going on, probably because most of them are in Government employment and are reluctant to bite the hand that feeds them.

So it’s left to little old me to start shouting ‘Quake’ and ‘Big Mistake’ and ‘It’s CSG For F*ck’s Sake!’ from the rooftops, and tell you the god-awful truth that these tremors aren’t the result of a quirk of Mother Nature, but are in fact a man-made phenomenon that has created an absolute catastrophe – or series of catastrophe’s – just waiting to happen.

These are the facts readers.

In the 55 years between 1955, when records of earthquakes began being kept, and 2016 when mass-scale drilling and commercial production of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) – aka Coal Seam Gas (CSG) – began Queensland there were 838 earthquakes recorded in the Pineapple State.

That’s an average of 15.23 quakes a year.

But – and this is the critical fact – in the short 6 years since the mass production of CSG began in 2010, Queensland has been shake, rattle and rolling at a hitherto unprecedented rate, and there has been an extraordinary and hitherto unexplained increase in the number of earthquakes rattling across the State.

333 of them to be precise. In just 6 years.

Which means that the average number of earthquakes being reported in the State has jumped to 56.5 each year, an almost four-fold increase on the number that of quakes that occurred in the previous half a century and a bit.

It’s f*cking frightening sportsfans, and if you live in Queensland, particularly in the Central and Northern regions of the State, it’s time to start becoming concerned at what’s happening in your homelands, very concerned, and perhaps just a wee bit afraid too, for those responsible for providing you with this alarming information – the Queensland Government – aren’t telling you what’s really going on here.

You see this massive increase in the number of shakes is occurring predominantly along fault lines that run through areas being drilled for coal seam gas, almost every one of them either near the lines that snake through the the drilling and extraction sites -and did well before the sites were approved for LNG wells – or offshore along the fault lines.

Take a look at the recorded Queensland Seismic Data and you’ll know in an instant that old Archie ain’t whistling Dixie.

This an absolute f*cking national scandal.

Yet no-one’s talking about it. Until now.

Of course it’s near-impossible to definitively prove the causal link between the shakes and CSG drilling in the absence of in-depth scientific research into the issue, as I’m sure the highly-paid spin doctors of the foreign-owned mining industry will tell us over the coming weeks, and the mob that should be urgently undertaking and funding these studies – our very own Queensland Government – is so busy pulling in a motza from coal-seam gas royalties that our politicians simply ain’t interested in initiating any project that might well prove that their windfall is killing our beloved State.

So it’s up to us Save Our State sporsfans, and it’s time to get up off the couch, switch off the box and rush down the road to start asking your local member the hard questions about what fracking really does to our environment, and how it’s f*cking up Queensland faster than a rabbit stops breathing when it’s hit by a road train.

Make no mistake punters of the Pineapple State, there’s no time to wait. If you want to avoid a cracked earth fate act now, before it’s too bloody late. .