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See this map above?

That’s the QUT Gardens Point campus, the vast expanse of Brisbane waterfront and park side acreage that’s become the epicenter of the Bolt initiated battle to rid the Racial Discrimination Act of one of its pivotal prevention of racism provisions, that being the outrageously unfair Section 18C that blocks brick-headed bigots from calling a cove from Bamaga a black c*nt.

This absolutely offensive impediment to the free speech practiced by xenephobes has a whole lotta folk – most of them retained on individual contracts by Rampaging Rupert Murdoch – ridiculously hot under the collar, and its all the fault of that pasty white wench Cindy Prior who worked in the wing labelled ‘X’ on the map, and sought to abide by her employer’s rules and apply them as required under her employment contract.

It’s an affront to decency this restriction on the right of racists to wander up the Gardens Point path to the planter-box underneath which the fairies hide and demand to use the computer labs paid for by closing-the-gap intended Indigenous funds isn’t it?

After all, X block’s on a direct route to everywhere isn’t it, and those Aboriginal kids have got it bloody good and even better again when it comes to reaping the benefits of a European-inspired education don’t they? I mean just look at Aurukun, and the indigenous rates of incarceration, and the health statistics, and the outstanding rate of ATSI achievement in the Graduation From University Stakes.

The buggers just don’t know how lucky they are. And nor do we sportfans, ‘cos we have freedom of speech and an unbiased media monopoly.

And don’t you worry, it doesn’t get any better than that.