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Freedom of speech.

Isn’t it just a wonderful thing?

I can say whatever the f*ck I like about any c*nt in the Wide Brown Land and no matter how much my totally obscene, gutter-trash talk offends them they can just suck it up and swallow, and if they have a problem they can stick it up their nigger arse.

Well that’s what the so-called libertarians and their double-teaming Journalco-Legal mates reckon anyway.

‘Bugger Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act!’ they cry, in voices of varying pitch and vibration. ‘A bloke has the right to say whatever the f*ck a bloke likes, and no d*ckhead has the right to tell him to desist!’

Freedom of Speech! Freedom of Speech! Freedom of Speech!

It’s just like the bloody Nuremberg Rally isn’t it sportsfans? And isn’t that just the place that we want 21st century Australia to be?

Nah, maybe not.

That bloody Hitler.

If only the weak-gutted Krauts had a Section 18C maybe the half-hung Hun could have been politically-castrated before the single-balled Schicklgruber went psycho and slaughtered all those Skippy soldiers.


Ya see sportsfans, that’s the flaw in the argument of these SC so-called experts like Tony ‘the Tosser’ Morris who point to Hitler’s crack-down on free speech as the reason we should abandon or amend our race hate laws.

Hitler may well have shut down the whole Albert-Einstein hating free speech show, but for Christ’s sake the anti-Semite Siggy Freud despising deadsh*t was only able to pull it off because there wasn’t one there in the first place.

I mean puh-lease!

Do you reckon the feint-hearted faux Fuhrer f*ckwit took over the soon to be scorched by a Commo Hun House of Broken Dreams by torturing trade union thugs, homos, halfwits, cock-sucking homos and kikes because there was a law there to stop him slagging the c*nts?

What are ya Bruce and Beryl?  F*ckin morons?

Hang on, I’m sorry.

I’ve been a bit bloody harsh haven’t I?

You pair aren’t morons at all.

Youse two are a National Affairs hot-air basher employed by monopoly-capitalist ACCC-dodgers and an East Brisbane pedophile citadel-defending barrister with a huge, big titles, both of whom the average community-standard twelve angry The Apprentice watchers would expect to have a broader brain and a wider sense of common-sense aren’t ya?


You’re law-lovers the pair of you. Blokes who believe in truth, justice, freedom of speech and the common law imposed on a black-led land by the honky POHM’s hey?

So why don’t you strip off the white paint ya pair of Al Jolson-lovin’ Golliwogs and tell the general public the rude truth about the Racial Discrimination Act, and the protections that Section 18C provides to birds like the Bead-Twirler from being vilified simply because they are brown-skinned subjects of psycho-performed sicko sex-acts rather than white girls who were sickeningly raped when they were teens and are only ever called victims of crime.

Your f*cking daughter got f*cked in the arse when she was eight because she was a stupid white slut who wanted black dick bad.

Do you like hearing that?

I hope not, and I hope it never happens, and I f*cking hated saying it.  In fact I despised saying  it so much that I’m going to shear this soliloquy short and cut straight to the chase.

This is the guts of the goanna fellas.


Outside of Section 18C (really sections 18B-F) the Racial Discrimination Act only covers calling a cloven-skinned lubra a cock-loving coon in the areas of employment, access to land and areas, housing and accommodation, the service of beer and pies, advertising (outside of opinion pieces clothed as current affairs obviously), and the right to join a trade union if you’re one of the 20 in a hundred workers smart enough to do so.

Nothing except the section that the white-boys want to set fire to protects a Wide Brown Land loving non-white person from being publicly abused and belted black and blue in the park, the press, or the main street of Surfers Paradise.

Old George Orwell once infamously opined that in a double-speaking land of droughts and flooding plains Freedom is really Slavery.

Perhaps now that they the Freedom of Speech spouting asset owners have declared themselves defamation case launching-proof – after all sportsfans, sledging’s just the oral expression of free speech – perhaps Doubting and his mate from Churchie old Tosser should take time to read the book.